• When: 10/31/19
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: FrnaksnBeans (Donatello) Respect, Blart (Leprechaun) Respect, Dash 8 (Leather Face) Respect, Navy (Moneky Humper) Respect, Princess (Blind Ref), Cooter, Gertrude, Meemee, Bedsore, Burnout, Cheech, Griswold, Kiwi, Ricardo, Birdman
  • AO: Back Blasts

The hype machine was hard at it working on some HC’ the night befores. Thanks Princess. A convergence was called with the Swash when it was discovered Pasqually would be on a cruise and not get a Q. Navy was EHing for some costumes and I would find out later why. YHC was going as Fat Thor but could only pull off the fat part. Princess was already set up talking to Cheech when YHC arrived. The morning was young and the PAX started rolling in. Blart was our first costumed participant dressed as a Leprechaun. We were lucky he made it.Franks N Beans strolled in as Donatello, the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle. Teenage, ironic huh. Oh and those shorts were tight. I’m glad he could wear his wife’s underwear to complete his attire. The rest of the PAX showed and 2 minute warning was given.  BUT wait there’s more. Slowly creeping around the corner was a hearse. Yes a hearse. Leather face himself was driving and some sort of monkey in the passengers seat. The hearse quickly came to a stop near the pax when Monkey Humper jumped out (Navy) and Leather Face with chain saw in hand chased the PAX around for a little scare. I must say the chain saw was tuned up very nicely for ultimate thrills. # F’s given and then a fourth was added for today Fright, mission statement and disclaimer. Mosey to the far corner of the parking lot.

Gorilla Humpers IC x 15

Hand release Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x 10

Outlaw x 15 Each way

Smurf Jack x 15 IC

Travolta x 15 each arm


WW1 x 15

Iron Mike x 15 IC

Temp Merkin x 15 IC

Copperhead Squat x 15 IC

Hillbilly x 15 IC


Sandstorm 1 minute

Crab Cakes x 15

Alternating shoulder taps x 15 IC

Rocky Balboa x 15 IC

E2K x 15 Each side

Mosey to the Flag for Halloween trivia. Asked the PAX question about candy, movies and costumes. If they guessed one on the list no burpees, if they missed it was 5 burpees for the group. We started with candy and when Candy Corn and Skittles didn’t make the survey the PAX called foul. They were told no matter what they said it wasn’t going to be on the list. PAX did a great job of knowing the movies, candy was so so and costumes not so much.

The PAX had a ton of comments about the choice of exercises chosen today. They are all on the F3 website even though Birdman claims to have invented the EK2 and gave specific instruction to the Q on how to do it. T-Claps to Dash 8 for staying in full costume the entire workout. It was a great morning with great men. I’m glad the workout was easy enough for Griswold so he would continue a conversation during the entire workout. Thanks to Gertrude for making the trip and getting out of his comfort zone but only because there was coffee. It always good to see the West regulars and great to meet Burn Out.

Kiwi took us out with a great prayer and then took a picture of the Halloween crew.

The West has done a great job of expansion. They are averaging an FNG a week it seems like. Morehead seems to be losing steam and people. If you are reading this invite some new or shake the old and let’s get them out.

YHC Ron Burgundy


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