• When: 5/31/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Pasqually
  • PAX: Tony Romo, (FNG)2.0 The Backup Kiwi, Purple Rain, Navy (respect), Sparkles, Maytag, Griswold, Barnacle, Money Ball, Couch Potato, (Respect), Dice (respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts

Traveling west for YHC is always a pleasure, The Sun seems to rise a little later out west so it makes a nice change in temperatures, with the cooler weather as the sun doesn’t beat the PAX down as much. With 2 minutes left YHC arrived at the site known as the Rolling Stones. A little mubble CChatter, A short but correct stated mission statement was given

Off the PAX moseyed for a rolling warm-a-rama as the gates where lock to the school facilities so the PAX needing to find a new entrance. Stopping several times to catch there breath the PAX finally arrived at the Bleachers.

At the Bleachers the PAx would run up the bleachers, followed by hopping up next set, following a run up the middle, again hopping up the stairs, completeing this routine with one last run up the bleachers. When completing this routine the pax would then rinse and repeat the Bleachers. Pax then perform some merkins, derkins, urkins and V ups on the bleachers, Followed by a rinse and repeat of bleachers. Off to the track for a game of Catch me if you can.  Then back over to the bleachers for some more R&R.  Breaking after set one for Mary, Followed by one more set of Bleachers.

Pax then gather their thoughts and the ^ and off they moseyed to find the SHovel flags stopping a few times for some Mary and Planks.

Announcements made. KIWI took over and lead the COT, KIWI took off.

YHC enjoyed his travels this morning and looks forward to visiting again soon



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