• When: 04/25/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Graco
  • PAX: Twitty, Bunyon, Wifi, Dogtown, Winnie
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort

On one of the warmer mornings we have had in Beaufort it was official that Spring had arrived. The Chicken Shack band workout has been a welcome addition in Beaufort giving us three workouts without crossing the dreaded DMZ.  After the usual introduction we embarked on a four corner style of workout through the downtown blocks on Front Street, first stop…..

Alternating Curls 4ct x20

Tricep ext x20

Lateral arms raises(with bent elbow)x20

Goodbye Dollysx20

Running to the next block found…

Hand release merkinsx20


Diamond merkinsx20

Rocky situpsx20

Arriving at the third block…

Single arm curlsx20

Chest pressx20


Flutter kicksx20

Last Block….

Side raisesx20

Tricep extx20

Hand release merkinsx20


With a little extra time we stop at the bench in front of the ferry and did a quick set of dips, erkins and offset merkins.  Big shoutout to Twitty for being the only one to face a different direction thereby preventing a textbook human centipede formation, for those who don’t know that is a bad thing.

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