• When: 8/1/19
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Pillbox
  • PAX: Princess, Pillbox, Linus, Huckabee, Catfight, Tony Romo, Dash 8 (respect), Navy (Respect), Cooter, Bosley, Cheech, Kiwi, Maytag
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion, Rolling Stone

After somewhat stressful night YHC knew the workout was off to a good start when at the one minute warning Princess stepped forward into the circle. It went something like this:

PRINCESS: All right PAX, who thinks Huckabee should have his VQ at the greatest AO in all of Carterico, the Rolling Stone?


HUCKABEE: Huh, What?

PAX: Baahhaahahhaha

Yessir, that’s how it’s done.   Huckabee, you’ve been served. You need to go on and pick yourself out a date for your VQ!  And Linus, think your VQ time is coming soon too!

YHC delivered a flawless mission statement and core 4 principles. Always seem to miss that 5th one, Free of Charge. Tclaps for Princess in bailing me out on that one.

After an abbreviated Warm A Rama, we mosey to the short corner of the parking lot for Sungods IC F/R. Mosey full length lot for some nice Swiper Merkins IC, a favorite for Princess and Linus.  Mosey to the short corner for some SSH IC.  Next, PAX splits into 2 groups for Railroad Tracks down the long length of the lot, with a minor distance Omaha at the end due to parked vehicles. Mosey over to the big wall for a round of Chicken Peckers IC. BTTW are now Passé.  Next up PAX lines up to cross the practice field with 50yds of Lt.Dan’s switching midway to 50yds of Broad jump burpees ending at the fence. Grab a hold on the fence for True Burns IC. Back the the edge of the practice field for the return by way of 50yds Lt.Dan’s and mosey back to the big wall for some Dirty hookups IC. Mosey our towards the practice football field with a stop for  LBC’s IC led by Huckabee and reverse LBC’s IC led by Bosley for counting practice. Mosey onto the football practice for a Quarter Pounder with Merkins, LBC, Freddy Merc’s, and Alt Shoulder taps. Tclaps for Maytag, Cooter, Bosley for heading back to pick up the six. Mosey back to the flags for Mary:  LBC‘s, ABCs, box cutters, reverse mountain climbers, chilcut planks, cotton pickers IC, right over left stretch out.

announcements:  Squid on the Q at the #. Pillbox on the Q for the Mullet Wrapper. Remember to reach out to Purplerain to volunteer for military connection day at Cape Carteret Baptist Church this Saturday 10-2.

Prayers: Silent requests

YHC took us out in BOM.

Once again a pleasure to lead a fine group of men, thanks for showing up and helping each one of us get stronger.  Princess, thanks for the opportunity.

SYITG – Pillbox





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