• When: 11/08/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Shroom
  • PAX: Second Mile, Squealer, Hillary, Crabby Englishman, Ron Burgundy, Rameses, Pasqually, Bayliner, Rooney, Holiday Mansion, Monkey Wrench, Suitcase, Nipple Shot, Doogie, Blue Cross, Pastor Clever, Gertrude, Shroom
  • AO: Hole in None

A healthy Pax showed up this morning for the HIN, we had a little moisture on the ground, but none falling from the sky. I quickly inquired about who was on the Q for the cotton balls to make sure that I didn’t take the spotlight with the mission statement. My past 2 Qs have offered up a new standard for the F3 mission statement so I felt that it was only fair to allow someone else to give it a try. We quickly dismissed the Cotton Ballers and headed West on a pre-warmarama mosey. Once arriving at the field of fire we had to comfort Squealer through a time of trouble, apparently he was miffed about a milking issue last night, and tossed his wedding band somewhere in the grass. Luckily we talked him off of the ledge, found his band, and we were able to move on to warmarama, this is how the morning progressed:


Side Straddle Hops 20
Sun Gods 10+10
Cotton Pickers 10
Hand Release Merkins 10

The Meat

Moseyed to the sludge pile
Derkins 20
Low Slow Flutters 20
Squats 20

Moseyed to the Commissary
Step Ups 20
Dips 20
Erkins 20
Moseyed to Burpee Beach
Sprint Intervals *5 Burpees 20
Moseyed to the Oil Slick
Merkins 20
Low Slow Flutter 20
Squats 20
Air Press 50

Moseyed to the land of Rotten Oysters
Plank Jacks 20
LBC 20
Side Straddle Hops 20

Moseyed to the dock at the lake
This is where we had a brief mutiny and the Pax turned on YHC; I called the exercise for a brief swim from the T Dock to the ramp. I had to Omaha and call for Mountain Climbers
Mountain Climbers 20
Squats 20
Feeling the need to extend an olive branch, I asked the Pax if they preferred their burpees on the dock or on the pavement?
Burpees 10

We started our mosey back to the smoking section with a few catch up stops along the way. We popped a few bits of Mary with some LBCs, X/Os, and Low Slows.
Ron Burgundy volunteered to take us out in prayer and requested a flatulence free ball. Continued prayers for Birdman’s dad, Texas and everyone that is in need.


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead!

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