• When: 8/16/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Bayliner, Ramsey, duckbutter, jangalang, frosted flake, squid, Ron Burgundy, Ricardo, Blue Cross, reef donkey, the 2nd mile, Cooter, devilin-MacGregor , immigrant, doogie, Denver, Newman, aflac, dancehall, Peyronie (FNG), Griswold
  • AO: Morehead City, Swashbuckler, West Carteret High School

Answer: give him a confusing beatdown  with no rest breaks, then name him after a male genital disease.

Backblast:  There are a few things that are consistent when YHC posts or Qs in the big metropolis of Morehead city. One is, that it always looks like a General Motors truck convention (except Bayliner). The other is, the mumblechatter is usually a little more heavy. Expecting it mostly from Mr. Burgundy himself, that was not the truth today. Not surprisingly, duckbutter took up the slack… that is until we did 11s. 

After a countdown from 5 minutes, and watching the GMC‘s and Chevys roll in, we had a hard start and warmaRama at the flag.

SSH x 20 IC

Hillbilly X 15 IC

Mountain climber X 15 IC

Calf stretch each

Chinook X 10 IC  each

Mosey to the track and circle up at turn one. ATM at each corner with a run in between: 


Alternating shoulder tap X 10 IC

Tempo Merkens X 10 IC

Merkins X 10

Next, we partnered up on the hundred meter sprint start line for a version of catch me if you can, called inchworm Burpee relay. Partner one does inchworm Burpee‘s down their Lane while partner 2 did 20 low slow flutters IC, then sprints up to tag out their partner. Switch and repeat up to the 50 yard line. The next 50 yards were another version of catch me if you can with Lieutenant burpee dans and 20 plank jacks.

After catching our breath, we moseyed behind the building to the long bench. We did a set of 11s with box squats (Touch your butt to the bench) and wall plank step ups IC. The pax got a little quiet at this point.  afterwords we moseyed over to the grass in front of the pull up rack. Five prisoner ups IC for each man, then run opposite directions around the building to meet your partner on the other side. 10 Pattycake Merkens, and run back to the start. We repeated this with six prisoner ups each and run around to do plank jump overs, then with wheelbarrow Durkin’s.

Running short on time, we headed to the parking lot to find a big wall. 21 pax spread out on the wall to do a little Jack Webb with donkey kicks and IC hand release Merkens: 4, 8, 12, 16. With all the broke back’s in Carterico, there was lots of modifying on this one.

Only a few minutes remained so we headed out to a line in the parking lot. Each man did 10 frog jumps, 10 IC mountain climbers, backpedaled to the start line, and 10 Star jumps. Rinse and repeat. We then ran back to the flag, some arriving with one minute left, so we brought the six in with 20 IC low slow flutters. Hardstop. 

Count off to 21, nameaRama, and naming of the FNG. This was the easiest naming of an FNG in Carterico history. He was named before he got there. Duck butter has been talking about Peyronie’s disease for weeks now. We are unsure why he is so obsessed with a penis problem, but maybe we’ll find out one day. The poor FNG was not aware of what Peyronie’s disease is, but I guarantee he’s Googled it by now and I wish I could see his face.

Anyway, there were few announcements besides tomorrow’s work out. There were prayer requests for the family of a ninth grade band student that lost her life, and a request for prayers for the F3 brothers that are taking their kids to Dad’s camp this weekend. YHC took us out in a  BOM.

YHC was pleasantly surprised to see 21 men post at the swashbuckler today. Holidaymansion has done a great job with that site and turning it around with a growing attendance. As much as I love my western Carterico brothers, it’s always a fun to post in Morehead city. I appreciate the opportunity holiday, to lead a work out with such a great crew.


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