• When: 03/20/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Rameses
  • PAX: Bayliner, Madoff, Rooney, Big Mic, Buckeye, Ron Burgundy, Suitcase, Rameses
  • AO: Back Blasts

8 total at Rotary Park for the QAR. The weather was a little questionable, but as it was the warmest morning of the week, 8 of us decided that we would get out into the elements and exercise, especially since there was no lightning.
After the disclaimer, we moseyed toward the basketball courts for some…

Cotton Pickers IC x 15
Sun Gods IC x 10
Sun Gods in Reverse IC x 10
Windmills IC x 15
Quad Stretches – silent 15 Count Each Leg
Finishing up Warmarama, it was time for…

The Thang
As there has been a philosophical discussion (and a practical one) circulating throughout F3 lately regarding the amount of running and the pace at which we have been running, YHC decided to minimize not only the total distance covered, but also the length of any singular run. Also, given the current banged up state that my shoulder is in, I decided that we would do no upper body on this day. Let that sink in. No upper body. No merkins. No dips. No Carolina Dry Docks. Zero. Zip. Nada. All lower body and abs on this day. So what did we do?

Run from basketball courts to baseball parking lot for 50 Air Squats SC and 50 LBC IC
Run around the baseball stadium on the path to the other side of the parking lot for 50 Air Squats SC and 50 LBC IC
Lt Dan to middle of baseball parking lot for 50 Box Cutters IC
One Round of People’s Chair with each PAX member counting to 10
Run to Tree of Life for 25 Low Slow Flutter IC
Carioka Counter Clockwise around tree (on pavement) to your original spot followed by 25 Low Slow Flutter IC
Carioka Clockwise around tree (on pavement) to your original spot, again followed by 25 Low Slow Flutter ICThere was a brief discussion about Carioka versus Karaoke. Carioka is an exercise. Karaoke is a singing activity that can be found at numerous bars and restaurants round Carteret County.
Run from Tree of Life to picnic tables for:
• 25 step ups IC x 2
• 25 box jumps SC x 2
• 25 crunches w/ feet on bench x 2
Each set was followed by a walking 10 count around the shelter
Mosey to parking lot for 7’s that included:
• WWI Situps
• Star Jumps
Mosey to main soccer field for 2 Rounds of 4 Corners
• Hello Dolly – IC x 10 OYO
• Rosalita (High Hello Dolly) – IC x 10 OYO
• Dying Cockroach – IC x 10 OYO
• Russian Twist – IC x 10 OYO
In the end we ran 2.2 miles total with no run longer than about 1/3 of a mile (I think). We also did a fair amount of ab and leg work. No one was left behind and we were able to accomplish all of the stations together. At this point it was time for…

Announcements/ Moleskin/ COT
There were no major announcements, aside from the next workouts. Everyone check slack.

The prayer concerns centered around the students and everyone involved in the Parkland shootings. The teachers, students, and administrators of our Carteret County schools were also mentioned. YHC took us out in a prayer that was related to our educators and kids and then we went on our way.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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