• When: 06/11/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Tony Romo
  • PAX: Navy (respect), Purplerain, Frank N Beans (Respect), Birdman, Sparkles, Skidmark (respect), Pillbox (respect), Cooter, Backup, Couch Potato (respect), Cheech
  • AO: Boonedocks

Backup and I rolled into the CCBC parking lot a few minutes early to find Cheech milling about looking for a flag.  Apparently, the new site Q needs a flag Sparkles!  Navy, Purplerain and couch potato finished up their standard while the rest of the PAX trickled in.

A side note – Purplerain can do the following to any exercise:

  1. Make it into an innuendo
  2. Modify it

we did a quick mosey between parking lots and did a variety of warm ups, SSHs, sun gods etc.  Then Frank N Beans decided to show up after a tense stand off with the Po Po (for those of you who have no street cred that is the police).  We did burpees until he joined us.

Fun Times #1
I found a great fun exercise on the F3 page called the “Squat Potato.”  It consists of playing hot potato using a coupon while in the squat position.  I queued up all the music I could steal from Backup’s phone, but the dang app did work, so it chose random songs from my itunes.  At one point Birdman asked if I had any Five Finger Death Punch on my phone, no, sorry man!  When the music stopped, the guy with the coupon got to select an exercise of his choice.  What are the chances that Couch Potato gets it and does a ton of supermans?  We did this a bunch of times and added a second coupon for even more fun.

Fun Times #2
We then headed to the curb for Wheel Merkins.  I have never done these before, but they consist of 4 sets of merkins using the curb and rotating after each set. We did 3 progressive sets of 5, 10, then 15 while listening to Backups songs including the Wonder Pets theme song.  Purplerain new every word.

Circled up and let the PAX do some ab work.

Announcements, prayer request, circle of trust and off into the world.

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