Taking inspiration from past HashMark routines and adding some flare, YHC arrived early to scout the scene and rehearse the plan. As the regulars arrived and stretched, comments were shared about the weekend and weather. Pasqually arrived in time to hear “let’s go” and we were off! Down the sidewalk along Hwy 24, we stopped at each pole for warmarama. Most exercises were IC x 10 with a few exceptions:

Downdog, Updog,Potato Pickers, Cotton Pickers, SSH, Windmill, Plank Jacks, Merkins, Squats

Reaching the end of the sidewalk, we curved round into Village Green for a walking/sprinting Indian run. 1/2 mile of sprints to get the blood and sweat flowing if it wasn’t already. Back to the sidewalk for the thang:

Each pole added an exercise; all single count x 10. Call it what you will, Rack and Stack or whatever. Some called it ripping off Monkey Wrench’s last workout but YHC said nay! One must be present to rip off another Qs workout and this Q was not.

Exercises: Squat, Squat-Lunge, Squat-Lunge-Goiners, Squats-Lunges-Groiners-Merkins, Squats-Lunges-Groiners-Merkins-Chilly Jacks, Squats-Lunges-Groiners-Merkins-ChillyJacks-Wojosquats, Squats-Lunges-Groiners-Merkins-ChillyJacks-Wojosquats- Mountain Climbers,Squats-Lunges-Groiners-Merkins-ChillyJacks-Wojosquats- Mountain Climbers-Spider Merkins, Squats-Lunges-Groiners-Merkins-ChillyJacks-Wojosquats- Mountain Climbers- Spider Merkins – Star Jumps.

We caught our breath at the end of the street as YHC explained how we would get back to the cars. We would do 1 Merkin and 1 Squat at each pole along the way back increasing by 1 at each pole all the way to 21. Well, turns out there were only 9 poles so we stopped at 11 instead of 21. Thankfully

4 – 50 yard sprints at 0610 followed by Mary: Merkins x 10, WW1’s x 25 (Newman), Dying Cockroach x 20 (Pasqually).

Hard Stop. Announcements were made, prayers were lifted, Ron B took us out with a strong prayer.

Thanks for coming out guys. Have a good weekend!



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