YHC was glad to get a chance to Q downwest today at the Rolling Stone.  Griswold is somewhat tightfisted withe the keys so I feel honored to be able to fill in.  With RonBurgundy the only real easterner willing to make the trip, we grouped up at Brandywine and headed west.  Upon rolling in about 5:20 we realized that the wind was cool enough another layer may be in order.  The flag was planted and back in the truck I went to stay warm.  As more and more lights drove up we made our way out and a one minute warning was given.  With Ricardo and Lunchbox maximizing the last minutes of sleep I gave a 10 second warning to let them make it into the circle.  With a proper disclaimer and mission statement given we moseyed around to the front of the school for some warmarama.


Sungods x 10 IC forward and reverse

Imperial walkers x 10 IC

Windmill/Abe bigota x 10 IC

Cotton pickers x 10 IC followed by Picker Cottons x 10 IC

Leg stretch right over left then left over right

Maybe more, don’t recall.  What? No side straddle hops you say! Humm….maybe to come

From here we moseyed to “the hill” and partnered up for a Dora

Partner 1 starts the called exercise while partner 2 runs down the hill, does 1 burpee and bear crawls back up the hill and they swap.

First exercise 100 SSH

Next 200 lbc’s but this time run down, burpee, and run backwards back up the hill

Next 300 squats, run down, burpee and bear crawl back up.

Since all good ascent requires some descent we then did 200 more lbc’s with run down and backpedal back up the hill

Finally 100 more SSH, this time bear crawl down the hill and backpedal back up.

Mumblechatter toned right down about now.  We then ran back around toward the front of the school for a Holiday original: The balls to the wall Burpee relay.

Partner up with a different partner this time.

Partner 1 goes balls to the wall while partner 2 runs about 30 feet to the sidewalk, does 1 burpee and returns to swap positions.  We continued the cycle with 2 burpees, next round 3 burpees, and finally 4 burpees.  At 4 burpees YHC heard Plebe note that this was starting to suck.  YHC took that to mean that it didn’t yet suck so I called for a final round where each partner does the lap with 5 burpees while the partner holds the balls to the wall.  Now it sucked!  With the breathing quite heavy now and still 9 minutes to go we moseyed back to the main driveway and again partnered up with a different person.  A modified catch me if you can. Partner 1 drops for 3 merkins while partner 2 runs backwards until he is caught by partner 1 at which time they swap.  We did this cycle until we got back to the southwest corner of the parking lot. Here we switched partners one last time and this time partner 1 does 1 burpee while partner 2 takes off. Once caught, they swap again.  This rolled us back to the flag with 5 minutes for Mary.


American hammer x 30 IC

X’s and O’s for various cycles

Birdman crunches led by Purplerain

Finally boats and canoes led by YHC for a hard stop.

Announcements: Hashmark, Rucky Duck, and Stampede tomorrow with post workout convergence coffee/breakfast at Gertrude’s home for the month at the beach

Sign up now now for F3 dad’s retreat in August

COT and wonderful prayer led by Kiwi closed us out.

It was great to workout with everyone today and I appreciate the chance to Q.

Holiday Mansion




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