• When: 09/21/2017
  • Workout Style: Run and gun
  • QIC: Dipper
  • PAX: Dipper, Ramses, monkey wrench, Doogie, steamer, bayliner, birdman, Pasqually, Gertrude, puddles, Blart, 2nd Mile, Ltl smokie, crabby, lassie, gypsie danger, Mee Mee, boss Tweed
  • AO: Carteret Community College, Hole in None, Morehead City

18-20 Pax met at the Community College. Yhc  was a little mad after being stood up by two guys for the standard and having to do it alone.   So what better way than to take it out on the other 16 guys.

After a brief disclaimer, we almost need about a quarter of a mile and had the warmarama. Ssh x 25, cotton picker x 15, sun gods x 15 reverse x 15.   Then everyone got a partner and we formed two lines and did an Indian run to the visiting center.

The thang,  One partner would run roughly 200 yards and the other partner would do ( merkins/ lbc’s, Burpees, plank jacks)  switch every time your partner got back to you.  This was a timed event, four minutes and then we switched.  Next we all ran down to the water / parking lot.  We will bear crawl about 30 feet, do 10 drydocks, backwards bear crawl back into eight etc etc.  One pallet cleanser lap.   Then we each did 20 dips IC, 20 derkins, 20 merkins twice

Last but not least, we ran to the dock, over the water and did Mary.  American hammer x 20 ic, Freddy M x 15 IC , boss tweeds x 20 IC.

Form two lines and ran all the way back doing an Indian run.  2.4M total.

It was an honor to lead, crabby took us out in prayer. SYITG and way to get better men!!!

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