• When: 01/17/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Suitcase
  • PAX: Ron Burgandy (RESPECT), Gertrude (RESPECT), Wifi (RESPECT), Boss Tweed (RESPECT), Holiday Mansion, Rooney, Pasqually, Bunion, Shroom, Gigawatt (FNG), Twitty, Graco, Crabby Englishman
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hole in None

Once again frost awaited me on my windshield before I made my way across the bridge to the Beaufort version of the Hole in None.  Luckily we had a reprieve from the stiff North wind.  It was great to see a mixture of West meets East this morning.  I apoloqize if I misspelled any names.  Pasqually informed me we have a FNG in our presence this morning and a proper disclaimer should be given.  No pressure.  One minute warning was given and we moseyed to the lot on the corner of Turner and Ann St for Warmarama.


Side Straddle Hops

Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods

Wind Mills


Thang 1

Being in the heat of the ACC basketball season, i was reminiscing on the days of Phil Ford running the dreaded 4 corners.  There are a lot of blocks and corners in Beaufort so let’s give it a try.

Corner 1 started with

Merkins x 5 SC

Squats x 5 SC

Plank Jacks x 5 SC

Each Corner we increased the reps by 5 getting us to 20 reps on corner 4

The second block we decreased each rep by 5 working our way back down down to 5

Thang 2

We moseyed to the Courthouse where we partnered up for:

Partner A ran a lap around the lot while Partner B started 100 dips and switching. Series included 100 dips, 150 Side Straddle Hops, and 200 LBC’s.  From here we moseyed down Craven St back to Front St.

Thang 3

The dreaded 1 and 10.  Starting at Front St, we did 1 Freddy Mercury and ran to end of the building for 10 Burpees, back for 2 Freddy Mercs, back for 9 Burpees.  The PAX pushed through this and did a great job finishing strong.

With a few minutes to spare, we headed back to the flags for a little Mary.  We did Boss Tweeds, Low Slow Flutter, and American Hammer,

Welcome FNG Gigawatt.  Way to push through this morning.  Prayers for David Hessmer.  3rd F today-12:15 check slack for details.  Shroom took us out in prayer today.


As always, an honor to lead today.




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