• When: 6/6/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp Style
  • QIC: Nipple Shot
  • PAX: Gertrude, Reef Donkey, Blue Cross, Lassie, Belly Flop, Steamer, Bayliner, Ramseas, Puddles, Rooney, Boss Tweed, Barnacle, Buckeye, Bed Sore, Birdman, Bevelon
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hole in None

Back in the saddle again at the Hole in None. New Course, New Pool, Lots of new PAX members, perfect for an old school hole in none workout. A very brief intro was given as Big Mic led the charge on the mission statement from the Kettle Beller’s as we quickly parted ways with the HIN pax storming the 8th fairway and off into the deep realms of the MHCCC course. Stopping after a fairly short mosey for warmarma:

Windmills IC x 11

SSH IC x 22

Sun Gods IC x 10, Overhead Claps IC x 10, Reverse Sungods IC x 12

Good Mornings IC x 14

Cotton Pickers IC x 10

With very loose hamstrings, we mosey down the course behind the 11th green for the instructions for the THANG

The pax was to run to each tee box and perform the following exercises at each stop. This was an old school style workout that allows those who can speed along to push themselves while allowing others to pace themselves in order to finish at their level of speed. The exercises were:

Merkins SC x 10

Squats SC x 10

LBC’s IC x 10

Plank Jacks x 10

Carolina Dry Docks  SC x 10

The holes covered were, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 & 18. The PAX was instructed to plank and wait on the six at 18 but in good F3 fashion, the early birds circled back for the 6 a (and the Q), to lead them all back to the 18th green.

Excited about having a few more minutes to work with due to the elite speed of the PAX, we moseyed to the closest hill on #18 for a round of merkins SC x20

Hopping to attention, YHC led the PAX on another short mosey to the fairway on #9 for a round of circle planks. This exercise involved the PAX getting on a circle and taking the plank position. We then each got an opportunity to count to 10 until each PAX member got a turn. Yes…. it burned with 15 PAX members getting a shot

Having so much fun we went into the chillcut position and repeated the same performance. Thoroughly smoked, we moseyed to the covered shelter for a round of wall chairs using the same counting format. With little time to spare, we hit the parking lot MARY:

LBC’s IC x 20

MAry was cut short due to a big ole dude on a tractor with a huge blower looking to get a quick jumpstart on his morning task at hand. Unable to find shelter from the larger machinery, we muscled through the count off, announcements, and prayer requests.

I understand Reef Donkey encouraged the overaggressive parking lot blower guy to perhaps let us have an extra 3 minutes so we can finish the prayer next time. Not sure how that worked out but happy to report back soon! It was an honor to lead and be back out on the course.

Nipple Shot

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