• When: 12/27/17
  • Workout Style: Whisky dickling
  • QIC: Dipper and Madoff
  • PAX: Newman, Wilson, Madoff, Steamer, Hillary, Pasqually, Suit Case "RESPECT" , Lynchfield, Moosehead " RESPECT"
  • AO: Hole in None

After a brief disclaimer the boys ran around the college to try to stay warm in the 30 degree temp.  Then the rain starts to fall and suit-case starts singing the beatles song ( Here comes the sun…..) BUT it never came.  I was proud of the boys this morning for getting up and taking on the suck head first.  Pasqually was pushing hard and so was Lynchfield right outta the gate ( the kid has wheels, even steamer said LORDY – MEE he is fast).

Once arriving we started the warm-a-rama——- Went something like this (  Ic ssh x 15, windmills x 15, cotton pickers x 15, hot pepper shake n bake x 15, monkey humpers x 15,  and finished off with the ole grasshopper hop x 15.

Turned the keys over to the Madoff, who did not disappoint.  Okay Boys, you see that pond ” we all said uh-huh” run around it and come back.  So we did.  Then we started a rack-em stack-em, a true one, NOT like RDU and those sad clowns.

5 Burpees, RUN the pond, 5 burpees and 10 leg throw downs RUN pond, 5 burpees, 10 leg throw downs and 15 boo-yah merkins RUN the pond, 5 burpees, 10 leg throw downs, 15 booya merkins and 20 squats, RUN the POND, 5 burpees, 10 leg thrown downs, 15 boo-yak merkins, 20 squats, 25 hacksaw kicks RUN the pond……………….THEN start back and lose one exercise every time you run the pond.

Winded and Gassed, Suit-Case and Moosehead asked for a 10-count.  Madoff rejected and said follow me to the back of the College.  Once arriving we did Dips, merkins, step-ups, derkins and standing Egg-Beaters all IC x 15.

Mary- with 3 mins left we did…..American Hammer IC x 20, WWI’ x 20, LBC’s x 20 , X’s and O’s and slap-jack McGhee’s ( 30 sec hold).

It was a pleasure to lead you men and look forward to the next time.  Keep pushing yourself to get better and stay safe.


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