On a morning like this, Thank God for hot coffee between 0500 and 0530…

YHC has always loved the Rolling Stone AO.  Due to being the first site Q of that location, There something nostalgic about it.  Besides, Croatan HS everything you could need to produce a great beat down.  With some leftover logs in the back of the truck and a few cones, YHC pulled in to find some of the pax already there complaining about the cold in their T-shirts. This was our first workout in many months with temps down in the 50s, and it felt great!  

After a countdown from five minutes, HS at 0530 with a mosey to the other side of the student lot. WarmaRama was on a line today so that we could jailbreak half the parking lot in between each exercise: windmill, chinook, mountain climber, down dog, up dog. This was followed by 10 Broadjump‘s, backpedal, 10 Star jumps. Repeat two more times.

We then moseyed to the truck to pick out a log, courtesy of Florence herself. Navy, being the stud that he is, picked the largest log in the truck. He may regret that(?)… soon to find out. Cones were set up in the form of a baseball diamond. With log in hand, and running in between each base: first base = 20 squats, second base = 20 overhead press, third base = 20 bicep curls, and home base was Q’s call. Repeat the bases three times. Home base = 20 of each: Urkins, Durkins, plank walk overs. At some point, navy started to recite lines from full metal jacket. Having almost memorized that movie years ago, YHC chimed in. Too bad that navy never got to experience Paris Island in its full glory.        Ready to ditch the logs, we stacked them in the back of the truck and made up for kiwi’s tardiness with two Burpee’s OYO. We then moseyed to the curb on the other side of the parking lot. With 1 foot up and 1 foot down we did 20 uneven squats, Followed by 20 IC plank step downs, 20 uneven squats (opposite way), and 20 IC plank step ups. Mosey to the wall for two rounds of plank wall walk ups X 20, and Markins X 20. With heavy arms, we moseyed to the picnic tables where we could’ve had the Police called on us for a bunch of creepy guys looking in on the early morning cafeteria workers. We did a set of 11s with up in over the picnic table, box squats on one side and plank jacks on the other. Time was running short, so mosey back towards the flag, but wait!… There was enough time for another set of 20 plank wall walk ups and Merkins. 

Back at the flags, we had five minutes for Mary, to include: 20 IC Freddie mercury‘s, 50 (always uncomfortable) boss tweeds, 15 single leg bridges each, and finished up with 30 more Merkens (just to complete the arm burn out). The Q called a hard stop, but got second guessed by the always respectful couch potato. 30 seconds remained on his watch, so The more merkins the merrier!

What a great morning, the cooler temperature was a refreshing change. YHC was proud that the pax stay together so well, and there was little to no need to wait for to six. Cheech and princess, the newer but totally dedicated pax were strong as always. It was great to see Maytag out, with his earliest arrival in his F3 tenure. Somehow, purple rain got Kiwi talking up a storm during Mary… What’s the secret purple rain? Sparkles and couch potato remain their typical rock solid, yet humble and quiet selves.

We closed out with Count-off, nameaRama, announcements, and prayer requests. YHC was happy to hear that we actually had more praises this morning than prayer requests! God is good!  Thanks to purplerain and navy for their showing of appreciation last night to the people that served in the community after Florence. 

Fantastic morning gentlemen!. Just what YHC needed to start the day. It was a pleasure snooki. We miss you bro!  As always, thanks for the opportunity.


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