• When: 04/17/19
  • Workout Style: HIN
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Rameses, The 2nd Mile, Jang a Lang, Gertrude, Shrooooooooooooom, Purplerain, Monkey, Plunger, Cooter, Bayliner
  • AO: Hole in None

It was a great morning at the HIN- great weather, no rain, and 10 men that came ready to work.  An unprofessional disclaimer was given to a professional group, and then we took off.

We moseyed up the hill to warm up- SSH, Windmill, Cotton Pickers, Sun Gods, Lt over Rt, Rt over Lt

We ran to Mount Morehead, which is ideally located down the street from Shrooooooooooooooom’s palace.  We did a plank jack and WW1 ladder to 11 running up and down the hill with exercises.   After the ladder, we Lt Dan’ed down the street before picking up the pace to the first parking lot for some LBC’s.

We the ran to the lake at CCC and did partner laps with Leg Throw Downs and partner merkins.  in between laps, we did LBC’s to cool off.  Round 2 was Leg throw downs and partner derkins, followed by LBC’s.

We then ran to the waterfront benches overlooking the ICW.  We did Dips and step ups while our partners ran a lap around the building.  We then closed with 3 sets of Merkins, Derkins, and erkins before running to the flag for announcements.


Thank you to Pastor C for giving me the opty to Q the HIN.  Please remember to Pray for Lil John as he is expected to have his surgery tomorrow at UNC.  We have all been praying for him and his family and we will now need to add his medical team to the prayer list as they prepare for a successful surgery.  We also need to pray for Laetner’s wife as she is battling chemo treaments and the side affects that are causing her sickness.  As well as My T’s mom and the other prayer request that will continue to need support- Really appreciate all the guys coming out this morning and working hard.  As always, we are blessed to have such a great group in F3 and very thankful for every one of you!  -Bayliner

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