• When: 05/17/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Putin
  • PAX: Buttoncap, Griswold, Purplerain, Couch Potato (respect), Gertrude (respect), Navy (respect), Ron Burgundy (respect), Leprechaun, White Boots, Snooki, Ennis, Cooter, McMuffin, Dumpster Dawg, Holiday Mansion, Kiwi
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Rolling Stone

YHC was excited to jump in for his VQ and appreciates Griswold for giving him the chance. YHC showed up at a little after 5AM with Navy and Leprechaun to join Griswold and Purplerain for a short pre-workout standard on the track. When we returned to the parking lot the PAX were rolling in. YHC was especially thankful to see Holiday Mansion, Gertrude and Ron Burgundy had come all the way from the East to support his VQ.

Mission statement (delivered with a slight pause in the middle just to raise the tension), fist bumps, and the briefest of disclaimers over, we mosey once around the parking lot to the

Right over left, left over right
Sun Gods x 10 each way
Cotton Pickers IC x20
Hillbillys IC x 20
SSH IC x 30

After which we mosey to the hill by the tennis courts for:

THANG 1: Partner wheelbarrow down the hill, both partners do 50 LBC’s. Switch the partner on the wheelbarrow back up the hill and both partners do 25 merkins. Rinse & Repeat. Two important things happened at this point in the workout: (1) the rain started to come down for real and (2) Ron Burgundy’s mumble chatter went silent.

THANG 2: Mosey to the bleachers for a little DORA. Partner 1 does a full bleacher snake while partner 2 starts the exercises, tag and switch until each group completed the following:

50 Box Jumps
100 Dips
150 Erkins

After DORA, we Mosey back to the hill for two more rounds of THANG 1. Once complete we mosey to the gym wall for peoples chair with air press and balls to the wall. Both exercises were held while the assembled PAX did a 10 count each down the line. Then we mosey to the flag and circled up for some:


Dying Cockroaches (oyo) x 25
Box Cutters (in cadence) x25
Dealer’s choice:
Buttoncap gave us a leg/arm touchy thing in cadence x 30
White Boots gave us 5 burpees oyo
Navy gave us some single count Superman’s x35
Ron Burgundy took us to a HS with protractors

Announcements: A new Saturday beach workout called the Dingbatter will start on June 2nd near the Islander Inn on Emerald Isle. F3 was well represented at the Gramercy Sports Awards Banquet – Ennis received a Most Improved for soccer for stopping an unreal number of shots on goal, and MVP for basketball as the team’s high scorer. Both of Couch Potato’s 2.0’s (one being Tatertot) received Good Christian Character Awards. Congrats and good luck to all the Gramercy soon-to-be graduates (Putin, Ennis, Sasson, “V” Timmons).

Snooki then presented the DORA Plank to Ron Burgundy for visiting every AO in the county. Congratulations and way to lead from out front Ron Burgundy!

Prayers were requested for Blarts family and Navy took us out.

It was an absolute honor and pleasure to lead today. Thank you to everyone for the opportunity and all the support.

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