• When: 10/04/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Ricardo
  • PAX: Cooter, Kiwi, Lemongello, Pasqually, Ricardo
  • AO: Back Blasts

When I arrived, Cooter was stretching and Lemongello was still in his Soccer Mom-Mobile. Next comes a stranger from the darkness, Pasqually ran a little Standard from his house. And Kiwi rolls in – all before the 3 minute warning. We all wondered how Pasqually and Kiwi made it so early. I can only assume they couldn’t sleep because of the excitement they felt for a Ricardo Q at the Hash – or maybe it was the hope for conversation about stars and Newport girls. 3-2-1, Hard Start. We moseyed to the first little intersection inside the gate – that was closed – for a little…

Side Straddle Hops IC X 20
Sun Gods IC X 10 – forward and backward
Cotten Pickers IC X 10
Abe Vigodas IC X 10
Stretch – Left Over Right, Right Over Left – 10 Count each

The Thang
Head back and cross the road to the Brandywine Playground (which must be for grandkids, because I don’t think they allow young kids to live there).
20 Urkins, Dips, Derkins – It was here that Pasqually wanted me to know about the pole between his legs.  I was very thankful for his sharing…
On to the parking lot
11’s – 10 Squats & 1 LBC – etc.
Bear Craw one way
Merkin Inch Worm back
This proved to be quite challenging, so I moved the next exercise to middle of the 11’s – between 6 and 5 Squats.
On to the boat ramp
People’s Chair – 10 count each
Balls to the Wall – 10 count each
Here, we finished the 11’s
On the way back, we stopped at the playground again
10 Urkins, Dips, Derkins

PAX Choice:
Kiwi – Dying Cock Roaches
Cooter – American Hammer
Lemongello – WWI’s

Hard Stop – 0615

Circle of Trust
Workouts and SF Run tomorrow…
Prayer – Led by Kiwi, of course!

It was a pleasure to lead, gentlemen.


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