• When: 04/18/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Steamer
  • PAX: Crabby, Suitcase, Monkey Wrench, Madoff, Pastor Clevor, Misty, Second Mile, Bayliner, Plunger, Doogie, Gertrude, Shroom, Hillary, Lassie, Ron Burgundy, Steamer
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hole in None

YHC was excited to get to make a guest return to Q the Hole in None.  The AO affords a plethora of opportunities and YHC normally doesn’t get a Wednesday hall pass.  You see, in my prenuptial agreement, in the case of any marital dispute, I get the horses, second home and golf course at Miralar, 2 1/2 of my 4 known children, an olive grove, and a lovely peach orchard, while the M gets Wednesday morning Core Barre.  It is YHC’s predetermined fartsack day.  The mumble chatter was high and the HINers converged with the Bellers.  Warm a rama was more of a family reunion which was very nice to have!  Flashdance and Mayday were ready to rock and roll.  After such, we took off for hole #1 for some partner work.

The Thang:

Catch Me if You Can

Partner 1 would take off down the cart path as 2 would stop for 5 Hand Release Merkins, Flapjack until both reached the green.  Each partner would do the following;

10 Booyah Merkins SC

10 Partner Derkins SC each

10 Partner Leg Push Downs SC each

Repeat this circuit coming up the cart path up #7 back to the entrance.

Once complete, we mosey’d to the tee box of #6 for:

Russian Hammer IC x 50

LSF IC x 50

Mosey half way down the fairway for 2 rounds of Bear Crawl Snake.  Shew, that was a long bear crawl and plank.

Mosey to the fringe just short of the green for 7s:

1 Groiner, backpedal across the fairway, 6 Thrusters

Rinse and repeat until 6/1. Leg blaster.

Mosey to the middle of #5 for:

Shoulder work, it was supposed to be a Rudy Special but Gert kindly saw where this was going an we Omaha’d after the following:

Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 25

Peter Parkers IC x 25

Mosey back to the shovel flag



Pasquale has the Swashbuckler, YHC has the Carterican Court, Beaufort and CC will have workouts.  Prayers for David Hesmer, John Barnes, Mettrey family.  It was an honor to lead such a glorious AO and hope to make it back soon.  Until tomorrow,




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