Rooney and YHC hashed a very quick plan at the Ruck yesterday to Co Q the Hero Patriot this morning.  With a good many of the HP regulars out of town and running the BRR, YHC was not expecting a very robust turn out.  Imagine my shock when YHC pulled into the parking lot and saw at least 15, if not 20 vehicles already in place. Upon closer inspection not a one was a white Ford or Chevy truck.  Breathing a sigh of relief (the workout YHC had planned would be a little more difficult with a large number of Pax) we stretched with downward dog, runners lunge, left over right and right over left.

We moseyed to the bleachers for a one and a half bleacher snake.  Then down to the track for the Merkin Mile.

Two cones were placed on the side of the track 100 yards apart.  The Pax were asked to run to the first cone, do 18 Merkins, sprint back to the other cone, do 17 Merkins, etc. until we finished with one Merkin.

We next moseyed to the pull up bars where we did 5 jump squats, 5 pull-ups and 5 dips, followed immediately by 4 jump squats, etc. and counting down to 1.

The Rooney half of the workout was no less challenging. We partnered up (remarkably easy to do with 4 Pax) and listened to his instructions:  Each man would complete 4 laps around the track, run 8 bleacher snakes, and perform 60 reps of the following:  Merkins, LBC’s and Mountain Climbers.  Thankfully he didn’t request that we do all the laps and reps in order.

Two of us would run a lap while the other two did two Bleacher Snakes. We then met at mid track and did 20 Merkins, 20 LBC’s and 20 Mountain Climbers.   Then it was back to the track and bleachers for another one lap and 2 laps respectfully. This continued until all the laps and reps were done.

Sufficiently smoked, we moseyed back to the parking lot for announcements and prayer requests…The BRR troops along with Lassie, Lunch Box and Frosted and their needed prayers for family members.  Winnie took us out with a very nice prayer.

This morning was fun.  It was good to meet Walk This Way and he was welcomed back at any time.  There is something to be said for having a low turnout.   Even though we ran a lot at 3.25 miles and did more Merkins that I cared for (231) we were able to talk and carry on some while receiving a very good beat down.

Thanks,  Rooney for sharing the Q with me this morning and it will be good to see the HP regulars next Saturday.



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