• When: 03/24/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Pastor Cleaver, Rooney, Winnie the Pooh, Porky, Rameses, Plunger, Bayliner, X Box, Suitcase, Denver, Newman, The Second Mile
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort, Hero Patriot, Morehead City

When Bayliner asked YHC  to Q the HP, I was excited.  Not only is it one of my favorite WO’s but we get to sleep in a little later and it will be light outside the entire time. Based on the number of Pax that had migrated to South Carolina for the weekend (T-Claps to you boys for your performance!) and the ones that spent Saturday morning Rucking for a great cause in G-Vegas, YHC was expecting a small turnout of perhaps 5 or 6.   Imagine my surprise when Plunger showed up at 7:00 giving us 13 Pax that were on the scene on a chilly but clear and calm Carterico morning.  A few minutes before 7:00,  I asked Denver to mosey to the bleachers with YHC.  I told him of my plan to do Wheelbarrow Bleacher Snakes (here after referred to as WBS).  I grabbed his legs, he proceeded to pull himself up 3 or 4 steps and announced that we could all handle it just fine.  A game time decision was thus made and WBS would be on the menu.

YHC and Denver returned and Bayliner, our time keeper for the morning informed YHC that it was 7:00, time for the hard start.  YHC called for 5 Burpees then we were off to the school buses where we stopped for 3 more Burpees.  We moseyed on to the parking lot in front of the school and circled up.  The Hero Patriot is a workout  where we honor Veterans and acknowledge their contribution to our country.   YHC read somewhere recently that March is National Women’s History month.  I won’t go into detail on that but it got me thinking about the women that serve or have served in our Armed Forces.  I started thinking that in about a 25 minute drive in one direction and a 45 minute drive in another,  we have women training just as hard as the men to perfect their skills as they work daily to protect us and our country.  So YHC declared this HP workout to be in the honor and memory of all the women that have served or are serving their country in the military.  Thank You!

A flawless Mission Statement was delivered and having no FNG’s the disclaimer was skipped and the Warm-a-Rama went something like this:

Left foot over right for a 30 second count led by Newman.

Right foot over left for a 30 second count by X-Box.

25 SSH I/C

A couple of  Broga moves,  Downward Facing Dog and  Baby Cobra to get the lower back warmed up.

Off to the track we go for The Thang:

YHC instructed the Pax to run one lap at a pace a little faster than their 5k speed.  X Box takes off like a stuck duck and we pulled up just a tad short of one full lap and stopped at the bleachers for 4 rounds of  WBS. The instructions were simple.  Partner up as if you were doing a typical wheelbarrow exercise.  The twist is partner A was to climb up the steps all the way the top of the bleachers.  Partner A and B would walk down the steps and then switch places with partner B walking up and then both recovered on the walk back down. This was repeated 3 times and on the fourth lap there was no walking down….partner A would wheelbarrow walk down the stairs, switching positions at the bottom of the bleachers.  Arms, chest and shoulders sufficiently smoked, we planked for the 6 and and then we knocked out 10 Diamond Grip Merkins.  Ouch.

Next up was a plank Indian run.  The Pax holds plank while the last man ran to the front of the line, etc.  YHC had visions of the Pax covering a whole lap on the track but it  was not meant to be. Ramses wisely suggested that the last man in line should start his run as soon as the man in front of  him got about half way to the front.  Once we did that the  line moved considerably faster and we covered about half a lap on the track. We’ll get the full lap covered next time.

Off to the pull up bars where we again partnered up but not before running one lap under the over hang and around the building.  Partner A does 10 pull ups while partner B does WW1’s.  Four rounds completed then we walk to the nearest building for a round of Balls to the Wall, with a twist.  We  assume the position and YHC gives a 10 count.  Down from the wall we come and do 2 Burpees.  Back up the wall for an 8 count then back down for 4 Burpees finishing up at 2 and 10.  Different Pax led the counts on this one.  We recovered for a few seconds then bear crawled approximately 20 yards to the pull up bars.  Recovered briefly then bear crawled back to where we started from.  At this point Paster Cleaver was spotted walking to the finish line but was quickly called out by the Pax while claiming he heard YHC calling for a recovery walk back.

Bayliner informed that we had 7 minutes or so left so we all moseyed back to the parking lot where we circled up for Mary.  Rameses, nursing a sore shoulder, gave us the protractor from hell exercise.  Still feeling that one, Ram.  The  Second Mile  closed it out with a couple of minutes of solid stretching.  There we no announcements and the only prayer requests was for safe travels for our brothers returning from South Carolina and G-Vegas.  We missed you guys but we’re proud of your efforts both in the Palmetto and Ruck events.  Well done. YHC took us out in prayer.

Thanks to the 12 Pax that posted with me this morning.  It was awesome to start and finish in the light of day.  You guys gave it your all and those WBS are not for children.  Thanks for showing up and supporting the HP.  As always, it was a pleasure to lead.


Puddles Out

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