• When: 11-18-2017
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Misty
  • PAX: Thunder Bob (2.0), Nipple Shot, Puddles, Duck Butter, Madoff, Au jus, Steamer, Crabby Englishman, Monkey Wrench, Bongwa, Xbox, Lassie, Frosted Flake, Double Mint, Shaft, Suitcase, Hot Lava
  • AO: Hero Patriot, Morehead City, West Carteret High School

It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to Q the Hero Patriot so Saturday was a welcome opportunity for me to try a few new things and a few tried and true classics. As we rolled into the parking lot on a downright cold morning the conditions looked perfect for a good ol’fashioned beat down…especially with the imminent 10 count rebellion being staged by some of our PAX.  16 Brave souls made the journey to West this morning, including Madoff who had to cut out at least two bay breezes the night before to be ready.

So…the morning when as follows:

Disclaimer was delivered and as usual the workout was dedicated, this time to the Greatest Generation of WWII veterans who are quickly leaving us, today only 660,000 remain of some 16.5 million who served, over 1.1 million have passed in the last four years.

Quick mosey to the grass field with the tires nearest the baseball field for a warmarama as follows:

Windmills X 10

Cotton Pickers X 10

…Somewhere in here Shaft rolls in on his scooter…in all honesty I had no idea what was happening, chaos!

5 Burpee’s

Imperial Walkers X 10

SSH X 10

10 Burpee’s

Sufficiently warm we moved quickly to the Pull-Up bars for a round of 11’s with one group doing Australian Mountain Climbers and the other doing pull ups, it took about four rounds for the whole group to piece together that you always perform 11 reps, alternating between the two stations with one exercise decreasing by one rep (10 down to 1) while the other increases by one (1 up to 10)…I’m glad I cleared that up!

Mosey to the track for one lap, sprint the straight away’s and jog through the corners…or just jog the whole thing if you want, that’s what most did, never leave the six behind, sweep it up.

Bleacher Snake

Back to the track for a triple Jack Webb:

WWI + Alt. Shoulder Tap + Freddy Mercury (Starting with 2 reps (IC) up to 10 (IC)

Two laps around the track, again sprint the straight away’s and jog the corners…or jog the whole thing, but ALWAYS sweep the six!

Bleacher Snake

Mosey to the band field for some real fun!

Bear Crawl Ladder as follows:

10 Yard Bear Crawl and 10 HR Merkins

10 Yard Bear Crawl and 10 HR Merkins + 20 Peter Parkers (IC)

10 Yard Bear Crawl and 10 HR Merkins + 20 Peter Parkers (SC) + 30 Dry Docks

10 Yard Bear Crawl and 10 HR Merkins + 20 Peter Parkers (SC)

10 Yard Bear Crawl and 10 HR Merkins

10 Yard Bear Crawl…Snot is dripping and steam is pouring off the pax at this point…thank god that is over!

Mosey back to the track for another lap, again spring the straight away’s and jog the corners…or just jog the whole D$%n thing! Sweep the six.

Bleacher Snake

Back the pull-up bars for another round of 11’s (if you don’t know what these are see the description above), 11’s consisted of Spider Merkins and Dips…OUCH!

Mosey back to the track for another ½ lap, to the far sideline of the football field….line up on the sideline for everyone’s favorite!!!! Broad Jump Burpees to the far sideline!!!! Fun Fun!

When we finished the Broad Jump Burpees we made our way out to the parking lot for some Mary, at which point Lassie pointed out we only needed about .2 for a total of three miles, so off we go around the parking lot, finishing with 3.16 total miles.


American Hammer X 30

LSF X 15

Namorama followed by YHC taking the PAX out in prayer!

It was an honor as always to lead and to witness the determination within the PAX! We pushed hard and bettered ourselves as a result!  Thank you to those who made the effort, you inspire me.

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