The Hero Patriot is all about honoring the brave men and women in our nation that choose to put their Country and their lives before themselves and serves as a great reminder that we are blessed to be living in the USA. Today we honored a brave Army Ranger and the teams involved in the brave rescue of Jessica Lynch.

Warmarama – Moseyed to the FB Practice Field

  • SSH IC X 20
  • Wind Mills – IC x 10
  • Arm Circles IC x10, Seal Clamp X10 IC, Reverse Arm Circles X10 IC
  • Seal Claps IC x 15 – Get it Wilson!!
  • Hand Release Merkins – IC x 10
  • Hill Billy’s IC x 15
  • Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

THANG Part 1:
Sufficiently loose and highly entertained, the PAX moseyed to the tire stack on the far side of the field. We lines up down the sideline with our tires to perform the following exercises to the half way point across the field and back.

  • 1 Round Tire Roll – Roll the tire down and back
  • 1 Round Tire Toe Turns – Use your foot to flip the tire over as you move it down the field.. no hands!
  • 1 Round Hand flips, flip the tire down the field and back
  • 1 Round Overhead Run – Hold the tire overhead while to run to the mid point and back

Next we counted off 1’s and 2’s. Each team took 5 tires to perform the tire pancake stacks. The rules were: Move one tire to the far end of the field at a time, only 2 men can touch the tire at one time, and all team members had to touch the tire before heading back to retrieve the next one. If the tires fell over, you had to start over. Once stacked on one side of the field, the team would then move the tack one by one to the other side of the field following the same rules. I learned that the F3 PAX enjoys “bending” the rules and the teams were soon carrying multiple tires at a time. Either way it was a good run.
Next thing was the ‘ole football throw. The PAX met in the end zone and took turns throwing the football toward mid field. How many yards the football landed short, we would make that amount the rep for the exercise. So, one PAX would throw the ball and the PAX would run to the ball, do the exercise, then run back to the end zone. The exercises rotated between:

  • Merkins
  • Low Slow Flutters
  • Gorilla Hops
  • Burpees
  • Squats, IC
  • Plank Jacks, IC
  • Dry Docks
  • Lunges
  • SSH – IC
  • WWI Sit ups

After out football game, and with some extra time to burn, we returned to the sideline and to our tires.
Overhead Tire Suicides – Pax held the tire overhead while running a full suicide cross field, touched each line and back along the way. At each line, the PAX would perform lunges while adding 2 reps as they got to each line. Started with 2 lunges and progressed to 16 on the final line. Returned the tires and moseyed to the shovel flag.

Back at the shovel flag
Box Cutters – IC X 2
LBC’s IC x 20
Dying Cockroach IC x 20
As always an honor to Q and its great to be getting back in the F3 flow. Looking forward to next time I get a chance to lead. Prayers to all dealing with IRMA and Harvey .. within the US, and those affected in so many other areas.


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