• When: 07.28.18
  • Workout Style: Hero Patriot
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Whinnie, Puddles, The Second Mile, Shroom, Deuce, Au Jus, Flipova, Gertrude, and Bayliner
  • AO: Back Blasts

It has been a Wet and humid week in Carterico and this morning was not any different.  We were able to avoid any rain, but the Humidity was in full force.  Our group was in full force as well and 8 strong men joined me for the workout.  We had no FNG’s, so we started our mosey at 6am and circled back for Whinnie before taking it to the front of the High School for the warmarama.

SSH, Windmills, Cotton Pickers, Sun Gods, Reverse Sun Gods, Lt over Rt, Rt over Lt, and Calve stretches

With everyone loose and ready to go, we moseyed down the bike path away from the school and stopped at the corner for our first excercise.

Merkinsx7, WW1’x11, and Squatsx7.  We then took off down the path for awhile until our next stop where we did Dry Docksx8, LBC’sx12, and Wojo squatsx8.  We continued down the path stopping often and rotating the 2 different workouts increasing the count each time.  Once we got to the Park, we completed our last round of 12,16, 12 reps.

We then  moseyed to the elementary school for some Dips, Erkins, and Derkins. We completed 6 rounds of those and then proceeded to work our way back home stopping and doing the same rotation of excercises counting back down until we returned to the original corner.  We then moseyed to the flag for 1 min of Mary and the super inspired PAX left to double up the post at the Slick Cam.- the men who ventured for more at the slick cam are Deuce, Gert, Flip, Shroom, and Aus jus- great job men.

Whinnie, Puddles, The Second Mile, and myself closed out with Mary and Whinnie did an awesome job closing us in prayer.

Announcements:  Steamer Q’ing the Table Setter

Prayer requests:  Tommy Creech (Puddles Friend) is battling Cancer and going through a rough time and needs prayers. Big group of Cartericans leaving today for a Mission Trip to Costa Rica (Lassie and Trailerhouse) so safe travels and a safe week, All the men competing in the Sasquatch today for a safe trip.

Thank you to all that came out today and worked hard and pushed each other.  It was a great group to work out with and everyone gave a lot of effort!  Thanks again- Bayliner

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