• When: 02/24/18
  • Workout Style: Hero Patriot
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Whinny the Pooh, Pocahantas, Lassie, Mahindra (FNG), Skywalker(13 yrs old tomorrow), Lil Smokie, XBox, Crabby, Rooney, Bayliner
  • AO: Hero Patriot

Today was a great day for the Hero with perfect conditions and 10 strong men who came out to get better.  It was also great to have a FNG, Mahindra, that came out this morning for the first time.

We warmed up with 20 SSH, Windmills, cotton pickers, sun gods, reverse sun gods, left over rt, rt over left

We ran to the track and partnered up for the main event.  The partners split and ran opposite directions on the track to perform 5 burpees, 15 squats, and 25 LBC’s at the end zone, then met at visitor 50 yard line for partner merkins (10 count), then ran to opposite end zone for 5 burpees, 15 squats, and 25 LBC’s, and then run to start to meet partner.  Next round was same exercises in the end zones, with 10 partner leg throw downs at the visitor 50.  Round 2 was 15 partner merkins and 15 leg throw downs.  We then ran to the pull up bars and completed 10 pull ups apiece while partner B ran around the building.  Then we went to the bench for 15 dips, balls to wall, 15 dips, balls to wall.  We completed another full round of pull ups and dips and then completed with a lap around the track back to the flag for 2 mins of Mary.  Total ran was 3 miles with lots of upper body and stomach work mixed in.  Skywalker took us out with a great Prayer-

I want to thank everyone that came out today.  Every single person worked extremely hard and every single person was extremely welcoming to our FNG Mahindra.  Mahindra has not worked out in quite some time and today was tough for him.  I was proud of all the guys who encouraged Mahindra and worked with him to keep him going and motivated.  I was most impressed with Skywalker (13 yrs old tomorrow) as he constantly stayed by Mahindra the entire morning and never left his side.  Skywalker showed a lot of character and maturity this morning by encouraging Mahindra and motivating him to work hard and not give up- great kid Lassie and you should be proud!  Thanks- Bayliner

Announcements:  Skywalker turns 13 tomorrow.  Skywalker is selling BBQ lunch tickets for March 9 in order to raise money for a summer Mission Trip to Costa Rica with his church.  Double Mint is cooking a pig and everyone is welcome to order tickets for lunch that day at First United Methodist Church.

Prayer Requests- Tim and his family with his battle with Brain/Lung Cancer


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