• When: 12/15/18
  • Workout Style: bootcamp
  • QIC: bigmic
  • PAX: Puddles, Ron Burgandy, Rooney, Blart, Pasquali
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hero Patriot

The workout was awesome and so was the pax but skip to the moleskin for the best part!


The majority of the PAX gathered around the flag for Hero Patriot this morning those that either didn’t make the party Friday night to see Big Mics snoop Dog Sweatshirt or they ducked out early along with Big Mic. This was a fine crew of Pax, hearty and full of the mumble. We honored the sacrifice of Michael Murphy with effort today. Disclaimers and missions were said aloud on the mosey to the pull-up bars.





Merkins x 20

Sun Gods x 10, Reverse x 10

Hill Billys X20



The Thang “Murph”

4 total rounds of the following sets

-800 meter run then…

Set #1 and #4 (2 rounds), Set #3 and #4 (3 rounds)

Pull Ups X10

Merkin X 20

Squats or LBC rotating X30


Mosey back to the flag for Hard Stop


Mole Skin

Pax crushed it today and it was awesome to lead but maybe the coolest thing happened at coffeteria. Just after settling in and giving our order to grumpy old waitress we were made aware that a gentlemen of approximately 80 and just released from the hospital had a flat tire in his truck. So obviously the owner looked to this merry band of F3 warriors for a solution. Solution indeed as we made our way outside to the falling rain. Now… How many monkeys does it take to change a tire? Well that depends on how many random components of multiple jacks are available or if the spare needs a spare. Needless to say an hour later we returned with said tire fixed and breakfast cooler than warmer but our hearts full.


Thankful to be associated with a group of men that are the first called upon in moments like that and I hope somebody is there to serve me in that situation when and if I ever hit 80


All in all it was beautiful morning and it was my honor to lead the PAX in the gloom.




Big Mick


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