• When: 05/22/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: Tony Romo, Couch Potato (respect), Maytag, Purplerain, Sparkles, Cooter, Pillbox (respect), World Cup, Skimmer, DumpsterDawg, Barnacle, Big Mic, Lone Ranger, Sea Legs (FNG), Navy (respect)
  • AO: Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Baptist Church, Cape Carteret Expansion

YHC arrived early for a morning Standard with Purplerain and Sparkles. Couch Potato and Maytag were out there in the Gloom somewhere as well.  Upon our return to the shovel flag YHC provided a 1 minute warning and Hard Start…no wait…two PAX coming in hot.  1 burpee for each and then a mission statement, disclaimer and core principles (with a little help from the PAX).  Then YHC explained that his week is the annual celebration of YHC and his M’s wedded bliss.  Consequently, today’s workout would be a celebration of the fact that I was able to trick her into reaching way down into the minor leagues to give YHC a chance in the bigs.  All exercises would in some way be an homage to the “M”.  Finally, the PAX were challenged – if they could guess how many years the M and YHC have been married by the end of the workout YHC promised 5 burpees in return. Then we were off to…


Because I had to stretch so far out of my league to find my M we started with:

  • THE Stretch R/L then L/R 10 count

Because every morning with the M is a Good Morning:

  • Good Mornings (IC) x 26

Because every day with the M is so Cotton Picking good:

  • Cotton Pickers (IC) x26

Because  the M is from West Virginia:

  • Hillbillys (IC) x 26

Because every day with the M is sealed with a kiss, (e’hem) Jack:

  • Seal Jacks (IC) x 26

The Pax were groaning pretty loud at this point at all of my cheesy editorial before each exercise.  So, completely ignoring them, I went on to say that since the M is an educator (college instructor), on the Carteret County School Board and worried about the state of their education, we would be doing an “alphabet” rack and stack on the 1.7 Mile round trip to the “boondocks” and back.  The first stop would be “A” exercises, second “B” and so on.

Mosey to the “A” stop for:

  • Austin Ass Kickers (IC) x 26
  • Angle Grinders (IC) x 26

Mosey to the “B” stop for:

“Bat Wings”

  • Sun Gods (IC) x26
  • Air Press (IC) x26
  • Seal Claps (IC) x26
  • Overhead Claps (IC) x26

Mosey to the “C” stop for:

  • Carolina Dry Docks (SC – OYO) x26
  • Crab Cakes (IC) x26

Mosey to the Dock or “D” stop for:

  • Dips (IC) x26
  • Derkins (IC) x10 (No way I was going to try 26 derkins in cadence)

We then turned around to unpack the alphabet on the way home.  We omaha’d a little for time.

“C” Stop – Crab Cakes (IC) x26

“B” Stop – Bat Wings:

  • Air Press (IC) x26
  • Seal Claps (IC) x26
  • Overhead Claps (IC) x26

“A” Stop – Angle Grinders (IC) x10

Then back to the shovel flag for a HS at 6:15.

Name-o-rama: FNG was crowned “Sea Legs”

Announcements: Cooter on Prometheus tomorrow – watch for an AO change on slack.  Dingbatter coming soon – tell your friends.

Prayer: Prayers were requested for Blart, his M and family.  Purplerain took us out with a special prayer in thanks for all our M’s and inspiring words and thoughts to prepare us for the day ahead.

Maytag, being the smartest of the bunch, correctly guessed that YHC and the M have been married 26 years.  Challenge met so YHC paid 5 burpees delivered as promised.  Special kudos go out to Sea Legs for pushing through the pain and cramps of the first day.  We have all been through that first tough day/week and he did a great job and inspiring us all.  Great to see Dumpster Dawg becoming a regular and really enjoyed meeting the Lone Ranger for the first time.

As always, it is a pleasure and a privilege to lead this morning.


Navy, out.


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