• When: 1/19/18
  • Workout Style: Run/Ruck
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • PAX: Laettner, Couchpotato, Cooter, Purple Rain
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion

We started this temporary AO to help each other train or achieve goals and that is what we did today.  I arrived early to do my 3/4 mile warm up as I have figured out that I have reached the age that these joints need a little greasing before the actual run.  Upon my arrival as I was expecting Laettner and he did not disappoint, he is preparing for a Ruck event so thought I would see him today.  I was also super stoked to see Cooter.  He is new to our fold with his first work out being 6 days ago and he posted 4 times in his first 6 days, AWESOME BRO!.  Keep it up Cooter, you will be surprised, because you think you are making yourself physically better but it will actually make your entire family better.  Then comes in the Wests master runner in Couchpotato to join us.

I reviewed the idea, we were looking at 55 minutes today that was about 26-27 minutes out and back and we were off.  These guys being here is what I needed because it motivated me in my training so I took off.  Laettner was off on his Ruck training and Couchpotato and Cooter ran together this morning.

I really wanted to get some miles in this morning and was very happy with mine, upon my turn around I saw Couch and Cooter up ahead and slowly caught up to the guys.  20 feet away I could hear the 2nd F that was going on between them, it stirred me along and kept me going knowing that these men were growing closer.  I kept moving and hearing the mumblechatter kept me going, knowing they were pushing each other.

We all arrive back to the start Couch and Cooter realized they did about 5 miles, which Cooter mention was his longest distance, way to push each other.  Laettner did not have as good a morning for his goals as an ankle injury occurred but that did not get his spirits down as he was able to tell us about helping his M achieve a fitness goal the day before.  These men gave me the motivation to get about 6.3 miles in so thank you men for encouraging me.

Laettner provided the inspiration this morning when talking of his M and how important it was to him in helping her achieve her goals and how we need to make sure that we ask those around us what their goals/dreams are and help them achieve those.  Laettner is always so good about reminding me why we are doing this.  Our own goals are cool and nice but it is really about helping others achieve theirs.  Wives, Children, Coworkers, F3 brothers.  Lets make sure we do not get so wrapped up in achieving our goals that we forget to ask other their dreams.

Prayers and out.

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