• When: 10/4/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Burnout
  • PAX: Cheech, Princess, Halftime, Sinkhole, Huckabee (respect), Pillbox (respect), Griswold, FranknBeans (respect, respect), Navy (respect), Sparkles, Burnout (QIC)
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion

Burnout executed a flawless VQ this morning.  He is stretched thin with an extraordinary amount on his plate. Nevertheless, he agreed to take over as the Mullet Wrapper Site Q and to do his VQ there this morning.  Until things settle down a little, the pax are coming together to fill in the gaps and “help a brother out”.  We are just happy to have this HIM among us who is willing to even consider taking on more than he already has going on.

Burnout started with a flawless mission statement, core principles, 3 F’s, disclaimer, etc.  then took us through a much needed extended stretch followed by a lap around the park to finish out WARMARAMA.  

For the THANG, he brought out the DECK OF DEATH.  We worked our way through all 52 cards. Face cards = 10 reps and the rest = the number of the card.  We did Imperial Walkers, Mericans, LBC’s and Squats.  Two jokers showed up and they were 20 burpees each.

We had a few minutes left at the end so Burnout took us through a few rounds of lunge down, bear crawl back on the tennis courts through to a hard stop.

Announcements: CouchPotato on the FOD Q tomorrow. Praise: Sinkhole’s son made it through surgery, Princesses dad is out of the hospital.  Prayers: Burnout’s niece just starting chemo, Snooki’s sister and family.  Burnout took us out with heartfelt words of thanks and praise.

Moleskin:  We are happy to have this new HIM in our midst and thankful that he is willing to take on a leadership role with everything else he has going on.  Despite Cheech’s feeling that we are just a big bag of di#ks, we are happy to help out whenever we can.

Navy, for Burnout, Out

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