• When: 03/02/18
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Steamer, Misty, Newman, kiwi, Ron Burgundy, Cooter, Griswold
  • AO: Brandywine Bay 24 Side, Hash Mark

YHC was glad to see a little mix of east and west at the hashmark this morning. It was like a little family reunion with cooter and steamer posting together. It was difficult to get out of my truck because, with only two trucks in the parking lot, steamer parked close enough where I needed some KY jelly to squeeze out of my door.
The Countdown started at two minutes to a hard start at 0615, with mission statement and disclaimer given. A short mosey around a couple of Brandywine medians, and back to the field for a little dynamic warm-up:
High knee lap, SSH IC X 20, butt kicker lap, Chinooks IC X 10 each, sidestep lap, windmill IC X 20.
The wind was out of control in the open field, and Ron burgundy was concerned that it might mess up his hair, so we moseyed back to the trucks. We dropped the tailgate and picked up a brick in each hand. The 4.5 – 5 pound bricks would not leave our hands for the next 40 minutes. We took off down the infamous Brandywine Boulevard.      Despite the warning, Misty was the only one without gloves today. I’m still trying to decide if he’s that much of a man, or he just didn’t realize that he would be hauling bricks over 2.5 miles. We ran from the hwy 24 gate to the hwy 70 gate, stopping at most intersections for a series of exercises. They included: “Wojo squats, overhead press, plank jacks, alternating shoulder taps, Burpee‘s, copperhead squats, alternating lunges, American hammers, bicep curls (X 50!), ATMs, sun gods, etc. Most exercises were X 20 or X 10 IC, And some were repeated twice. At the Highway 70 gates, we performed a 4 x 4 with bricks in hand (of course). A 4 x 4 consists of an overhead press, down into Burpee plank, 4 merkins, 4 mountain climbers, then back up into overhead press. Repeat four times.
Time was running short on the mosey back, but we still stopped for series of exercises at most intersections. We ended up somewhere around 2 1/2 miles with bricks in hand. Back at the flag there was a little time for Mary. We lined up in American hammer position with a stack of bricks on one end. Bricks were passed down the line and stacked on the other end (Thanks TonyRomo!). Ronnie B had a great idea for the bricks returning to the front of the line, where we passed the bricks and full circle around our bodies before the next man. According to Misty’s watch we had one minute left. So we did a little windshield wipers IC until a hard stop.
I was impressed with the pax today, that we stayed together as well as we did on the run. There was very little waiting for the six, but lots of mumble chatter about how much the bricks suck. We had very little rest or standing, and no 10 counts. Just my style!
Great push today pax! Thanks for the # keys Pasquale (no pun intended after your truck lockout yesterday). It’s always good to see Newman and kiwi on Fridays, and it’s awesome to see cooter posting consistently.      The bricks got the heart rates up a little higher than normal with our typical exercises, and F3 proved again to be the stress relief YHC needed this morning. As always, I appreciate the support pax, and the mumblechatter, which always gives me a good laugh. Is there a plank for mumblechatter that we can get Ron Burgundy to sign?
I learned a few things today: 1) running with bricks sucks. 2) burpees with bricks suck. 3) alternating shoulder taps with bricks suck. 4) air press with bricks suck. …. basically, steamer summed it up well as he got in his truck. He said, and I quote, “Griswold, that sucked.”
I’m glad that I could put a little sunshine on your morning men.

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