• When: 05/18/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Bambard
  • PAX: Newman, Richardo, Kiwi, Squid, Blart (RESPECT), Griswald, RonBurgandy (RESPECT), & Plunger
  • AO: Hash Mark

T’was another glorious morning in Brandywine. YHC wasn’t sure who would show in the gloom but thankfully Ron Burgundy had HC’d, so I knew I wouldn’t be alone. To my surprise, a strong PAX and three shovel flags met me at the entrance. The ruckers were also meeting at Brandywine (which I would have known if I had read Slack) so the group ended up thinning out a bit once Laettner launched.  It’s funny how I worried if anyone would show and then worried when I saw the larger than expected PAX.

Oh well, 5:30 hard start! F3 intro, mission statement, core principles (rocky, at best), and the disclaimer were given and off we went.

Rolling Warmarama: (stopping at the intersections for)
Abe Vigoda x20
Sun Gods (Fwd, Chinooks, Rev) x15 each
Hand Release Merkins x15
Cotton Pickers x16
SSH x20
HillBillys x18

The Thang: (at the pool parking lot)
Dora 1-2-3 (100-merkins, 200-LBCs, 300-Squats)
w/ Run & 5 Star Jumps
Curb Mountain Climbers x1-min, Curb Dips x1-min
Round of Plank, 15-sec each
Left Arm
Left Arm & Leg
Rt Arm
Rt Arm & Leg
Boss Tweeds
Jennifer Lopez

Rolling Mary: (back to the shovel flags)
WW1 x20
Low Slow Flutter x20
Monkey Humpers x20

Back at the flag, announcements were shared, name-o-rama completed, and prayer requests lifted.  Ron Burgandy took the group out in a standing ball of man prayer, THANKS Ron!  It was a pleasure to lead this morning!  Bambard out!

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