The PAX met on the birthday morning of YHC’s sister, Miranda, giving YHC a little extra push for the day. My sister is a big reason I F3, and inspires me to do more because of her inability to do so.

5:30 and time to roll. Purple Rain gave a great push today, especially after jogging some to get loosened up. Maytag continues to get stronger as a runner and Plebe has been pushing so hard, Pigdeon didn’t even post because he didn’t want his daddy to show him up!

Each guy got between 4-5 miles and with a little bit of Mary (stretching) it was time to bring it in for announcements and prayer. Plebe took us out with a beautiful prayer and it was on to tackle the week. Great job guys. Always run harder when I’m with a group. Thanks for letting me Q Maytag.


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