Without a shred of candy wrappers sprinkling the hallowed streets of Beaufort, five eager men met at the Dock House parking lot ready to kickoff another inspiring workout session. YHC determined with the large turnout that there was ample anticipation for the Halloween inspired workout, so after a creepy clown was spotted riding a bicycle, the PAX was off to warmarama.

SSH IC x25

Windmills x20

Sungods X30 F/R

CP x20

Goodmornings X20

Mosey to the east DH parking lot

The Zombie Apocalypse hit early that morning, so the PAX performed a zombie walk to Queen street. Costanza had the best sounding zombie of the bunch.

To the Brick wall for 20 count BTTW and Shoulder taps x20 IC as a warmup

Mosey up Queen street  to the Graveyard.

At the foot of the graveyard, on our ghost mosey, we encountered the grave of a young girl covered with toys and trinkets. YHC told of her saddening story and in her honor,  the PAX performed some Mike Tysons.

Mike Tysons x10

Bearcrawl across the street and back


Off tho the Zion Church for a round of :

10 Merkins IC

20 MH IC

30  Wojo Squats IC

40 Mountain Climbers IC

Back down Queen Street with a Bear Crawl/ Merkin Indian Run. Everyone did Merkins on my count as the last man Bear Crawled to the front. Two rounds each participant.

Mosey back to the wall for BTTW 5 count each, Alt Shoulder taps x20 IC repeat x3 rounds

Back down Front Street with a Bear Crawl/ LBC Indian Run. Everyone did LBC’s on my count as the last man Bear Crawled or ran to the front. Most ran, we were smoked. Two rounds each participant.

We finished up with a long run around the entire boardwalk and back to Mary on the boardwalk.

Freddie Merc X30 IC

LSF x30 IC

Donkey Kicks X20

No announcements. All are looking forward to Tweed joining us soon. Livermush lead us out in prayer and most went to coffee afterwards. Always a pleasure.





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