• When: 10-31-2017
  • Workout Style: Trick or Treat
  • QIC: Jang A Lang
  • PAX: Misty, Deebo, Frosted, Gert, Squid, Bayliner, Rameses, Aflac, Shaft, Crabby, Pastor C, Doogie, Procastinator, Madoff, Rosy, Bucky, The Second Mile
  • AO: Dreadnought, West Carteret High School

When you Q the Dreadnought on Halloween Day, you better put together something special. Arguably the toughest workout in the county on the scariest day of the year makes an interesting combo. 18 men were greeted by 44 degrees and clear skies, which seems to not happen often here. Today would be Rameses first day as the official Site Q of the Dreadnought and we set off to start strong! Here is how it went down…

Rolling Warm-o-rama

Run 1 lap around the track

SSH x 15

Run 1 lap around the track

cotton pickers x 15

Run 1 lap around the track

wind mills x 15 (Shaft arrives)

Indian Run 1 lap around the track

Stop at the goal line of the WCHS game field

The Thang- #TheMichigan:

10 x 100 yard dash

Jack Webb: 4 air presses IC, 4 merkin (increase 4 rounds to 16)

8 x 80 yard dash

Jack Webb: 4 LSF IC,  4 LBC IC (increase 4 rounds to 16). YHC considered spilling the Merlot at this point, but held on and continued to count. Has a Q ever done this???

6 x 60 yard dash

Jack Webb: 4 overhead clap IC, 4 double wide merkin (increase 4 rounds to 16). This really started to burn the shoulders.

4 x 40’s

Jack Webb: 4 star jumps, 4 burpees (increase 3 rounds to 12). YHC had to add in some burpees somewhere in honor of the new site Q.

2 x 20’s

Pallet cleanser lap. We were close to 3 miles in at this point.

Back to the goal line for a round of suicides. Starting at the 10 and increasing the distance 10 yards each time until you reach the opposite goal time. This was unbelievably fun.

Mosey back to shovel flags

1 minute of  Plank. Hard Stop. Great effort men. You’ve conquered #TheMichigan, plus some. 3.7 miles total


Check Slack for Wednesday workouts. Rameses took us out in prayer. This was not easy, everyone hung in there and finished strong. Again, a big shout out to Doogie (Respect) who posts here every week, always finishes and NEVER complains.  If you have not tried the Dreadnought, push your self a little and come next week.



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