YHC is always reminded of how much he can get better when he posts around the fellas who typically call the Dreadnought home. 7 pax total gathered once Newman found us over at Glad Tidings, 1 of which was Shroom, who was the only Palmetto man bold enough to post!

Rolling Warmarama consisting of Sun Gods, Good Mornings, Windmills and Hillbillies- IC x 10 landing us in the parking lot of GTC. A few laps of Indian Run action and then time for Monkey Humpers IC x 20.

Line up facing the Youth Sanctuary for some Suicide Action. Run two spaces, Backpedal to the start and do a Burpee. This would be done the entire length of the PL, adding two spaces every time.
After the PAX made it to Spot 10, 2 More Indian Run Laps were in order followed by another round of MH IC x 10.

12-20 Knocked out and then the PAX moseyed under the drivethrough for some 5 rounds of Balls to the Wall, and some Jack Webb action. Another lap or so done and of course- Monkey Humpers IC x 10.

22-30 Finished Up, leaving YHC ready cross back over Country Club. The amount of suckage on the backward portion of these was pretty high!

Around the right side of campus to the lad of the benches to finish up the Jack Webb (Merkin/Air Press) work and then over to the benches for 3 rounds of Dips and Urkins.

Over to the track for a stay together lap (really YHC just didn’t wanna be left in the dust) before meeting in front of the home side 50yd line for 25 IC LBC’s. Another lap and then 25 IC LBC’s. An attempt was made to get in some bleacher snakes but due to the slickness, this portion was Omaha’s pretty quickly. YHC will have to bring some paper towels next time. PAX split in half for next lap to meet half way for Freddy Mercs IC x 20 and then back to the Home Side for some kind of ab workout. One last lap gotten in followed by WWI’s SC x 10 and then to the flag for called sprint to the road and back. With seconds to spare, Hand Release Merkins SC x 10 were done before the Hard Stop.

Awesome group of men this morning. They put up with YHC has I get my legs back under me, really just starting to run again after a couple of months down. The mumblechatter was nothing but enjoyable and YHC can only hope that the workout was enjoyed at least a little. I really do like using the parking lot at Glad Tidings!

Prayer requests taken, Shroom mentioned a friend with some big medical problems, Julia Page, the teacher who needs a miracle and YHC’s wife / all our spouses. I had the honor to take us out in prayer.

Thanks for letting me Q Ram. Appreciate so much all of you guys being men to not just look up to physically, but as encouragers and just good people as well. At least I think thats how Madoff described himself 🙂 Until the next time…


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