• When: 10-20-2017
  • Workout Style: Shagging
  • QIC: Jang
  • PAX: Bird Man, Squeeler, Bee Sting, pastor C, Monkey Wrench, Suitcase, Bayliner, Gypsy D, Misty, Shaft, Gert, Shroom , Lassie 2nd Mile
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City

After being given the Q keys for the Hole in None at CCC, the search for grassy areas was on . Not only did YCH find grass, a hill was found to go along with it! A plan was put in place. After introductions with the Kettle Bell crowd, we were off.

We took a big lap to the west end of the campus for



IW  IC X 15

Hand Rel Merkins X 15

WIndmill IC X 20

Down Dog

ALt. toe touch from plank psoition

Mosey to the hill behind some building leading down to the waters edge

Burpee Count Down

Line up on the soundshore. Instructions were given on how to perform a proper burpee vs the flying squirrel BS. The pax runs up the hill to the walkway and does 10 Double Merkin Burpees run back back to the beginning spot and we plank for the 6 and then do an exercise before the next run.

Copperhead Squat IC X 20

Run and 9 DM burpees and back

Plyo Lunge IC X 15

Run 8 DM burps n back

Wojo Squat w Jumper SC X 15

Run 7 DM burps n back

Calf raises X 20 IC

Run, 6 DM burps n back

Reverse Plank, 30 seconds

Wall Time-  a short break from the running for peoples chair and BTW.

Lets get back to the Ladder!

Run, 5 DM burps n back

Monkey Humpers IC X 20

Run, 4 DM burps n back

Wojo Squats (no Jump) SC X 50

Run, 3 DM burps n back


Run, 2 DM burps n back

side plank, 30 sec each side.

Run, 1 reverse burp n back

Great work men, time for Mr. Jack Webb.  The LBC / Freddy Merk combo ended up much harder than anticipated. Started at 4:4, ended at 12:12 all IC.

Burpee Hurdle – this was done going up hill, real special. Break into 2 teams. Each man planked in a line as the last man hurdled each man with a burpee done in between each man. We all reached the top of the hill after each man did about 3 rounds.

Broad Jump Burpee- In honor of the Site Q Gert’s favorite exercise, YHC called the broad jump burpee from the top of the hill to the bottom. Loads of fun was had by all! The time was 0612 at this point.


We ran back to the shovel flag to join Holiday and the boys for some Mary. Dying Cockroach and Boat/Canoe were the exercises of choice.

We done !

COT- The birthday boy Ronnie B took us out in prayer, doing an excellent job

Admittedly, I have had my doubts about the versatility of this AO. I was impressed this morning! Great effort men, continue to inspire the people around you! An honor to lead.



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