• When: 05/22/2018
  • Workout Style: Fish Towne
  • QIC: Jang A Lang
  • PAX: Wifi, Puddles, Steamer, Frosted, Boss Tweed, Flip Ova, Gert, Shroom, Dog Town, Graco, Twitty, Bunion, Madoff
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort, Clam Digger, Dockhouse

No clue why I have been in F3 for over 2 years and never Qed in Beaufort. I take full responsibility. To this end, YHC was prepared to come to Beaufort in force today. Yesterdays lunch break was spent cruising the back roads off Front Street looking a grassy spot to exercise. It was like Christmas morning when YHC turned onto HILL STREET! Paradise was found, a narrow 100 yard grassy/weedy field. With Frosted and Steamer in the clown truck, we rolled up to give a precise 3 minute warning.

14 men admired the vessels of the Beaufort docks as a mission statement and disclaimer were given. Time to roll to the east.

Between the Dock House and the turn to HILL Street, 3 rolling warm up stops were made. 1- seal claps and cotton pickers, 2- windmills and hamstring stretch, 3- down dog.

Mosey up the massive hill which creates its namesake of Hill Street one block to above reference grassy field.

Thing- Jang’s Suicides

A small tree is planted at approximately every 25 yards down this field which ends with a bunch of weeds. 4 total trees. Pax would start at tree 1 and run in suicide fashion making 4 down and backs. Round 1- 5/10/15/20 merkins Round 2- 5/10/15/20 Mtn Climbers, Round 3- 10/20/30/40 CDD, Round 4- 10/20/30/40 Plank jacks. In between each round, an ab exercise was called:

  1. Reverse Chillcut peter parker x 20 IC-  Beaufort, yall need a lot of practice on this one. Your 6 actually has to be OFF the ground
  2. Chillcut Peter Parker x 20 IC
  3. Advanced plank / chill cut
  4. After the 4th round of suicides, we lined up on the street for a down and back jail break.

On the mosey again headed back to the shovel flag. Stops were made on the way back for

  1. Down Dog / Up dog
  2. Lizard Pose, each leg
  3. Tweeds yard for hamstring stretch, LBC x 30 IC

Roll back to the flag for a 0615 arrival.

4 workouts tomorrow, Beaufort’s own Wifi on the Chicken Shack Q. Please note Dog Town’s link to raise money for Crystal Coast Young Life. Beach run tonight 6:00 p.m. A special convergence planned for Memorial Day morning.  Dog Town took us out in prayer.

Now, it has taken YHC way too long to Q in Beaufort. When Flip gave me the keys for today, I had an excitement I’d not felt in a while. I have led workouts everywhere in Morehead multiple times. The thought of a new AO and hanging with the eastern guys really got me fired up. I learned from them today and they may have learned from me. We sharpened each other. My point is, what are you waiting for? Dont wait 2 years like me. We have 25 AO’s here in Carterico. Get up 5 minutes earlier, Q somewhere you have not yet. Inspire others and let them inspire you. Be Accountable!

Always a pleasure,


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