• When: 09/17/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: ButtonCap
  • PAX: Hacksaw, Birdman, Navy (Respect), Dash 8 (Respect), Couch Potato (Respect), Ponch, Linus, PurpleRain, BackUp, Tony Romo, Huckabee (Respect), Laettner, Cheech, Cooter
  • AO: Back Blasts

After a sleepless night (more about that later) YHC awoke to a typical early fall, humid morning and made his way to the AO. On the way he saw Couch Potato running towards Cape Carteret Baptist and even though he hadn’t HC’d, YHC was glad to see his ever reliable neighbor would be present. Ponch strolled in first and YHC enjoyed chatting with him and getting to know him a little better, yankee as he may be. The rest of the PAX was quick to roll in and Laettners presence was a site for sore eyes after YHC hadn’t seen him in a long time.

Mission Statement and Disclaimer given on to


Sun Gods Forward and Reverse x 20 IC

Cotton pickers  x 10 IC

SSH x 21 IC 1-6 counted by Q while PAX was directed to silently count 7-21 and if any PAX missed their Mark, penalty Burpees would be given…..at 20 Cooter spouted off to ensure PAX was in tune and for that, 3 burpees given

Goofballs x 10

mosey to YHCs truck to pick up coupons which were 20″ 4 x 4 sleepers, each PAX was instructed to grab one and mosey to the corner of Anita Forte and Loma Linda to begin

The Thang

Merkins x 5 SC

Curls x 5 SC

Overhead press x 5 SC

Plank Jacks x 5 IC

Mosey to Neptune and Anita Forte

Repeat exercises x 10

Mosey to Kear and Anita Forte

Repeat exercises x 15

Mosey to Parking Lot by the Dock

Block and Bear to other end of parking lot (marked by a stump)

5 burpees and Lt. Dan back to start

Rinse and Repeat 10 burpees rinse and repeat 15 burpees

Mosey back to Kear and Anita Forte and repeat exercises as we did on the way down

at Anita Forte and Loma Linda increased all exercises to whatever YHC felt like which brought some groans from the PAX “mind games” was uttered and it should be known it’s all a mind game baby.

Mosey to the wall at CCBC for wall step ups x 20 SC and Peoples Chair holding coupon out front for a 5 count per man

rinse and repeat

Mosey to flag for 45 seconds of Have a nice day



No real prayer requests, announcements included Ponch taking over at Prometheus which is turning into a strength training AO to include bands, bells, rucks and Qs choice.  YHC as asked Hacksaw to lead us out in prayer and he did so with heartfelt words. Thanks for the keys and reminder Cheech.


It has been a while since YHCs Q duties and he really enjoyed himself this morning, it’s always nice to be welcomed back by such a diverse and awesome group of Men that we have formed in the West. Last night as the M and I finished our shows and turned off the lights to sleep, my phone buzzed with a message from my M’s cousins husband, Joel. Joel is my age and we have developed a close relationship over the years and enjoy sharing fishing, hunting and family stories and betting on the occasional college football game. A few years ago at Thanksgiving we decided to try our hand at Steelhead fishing with a flyrod on the St. Joseph River near South Bend Indiana. Through a friend of his we met up with Mark Hezlep, not a guide but just a local blue collar guy that loved to fish. Mark was a High Voltage lineman that traveled to help communities after natural disasters (including hurricanes in NC) get their power back. He took us fishing that cold November day with such enthusiasm and for no pay. It was snowing but he took us to a private tributary of the St. Joseph and put us on some steelhead all the while teaching us the finer points of Spey Casting which YHC had never done. Mark also had a daughter, Casey, handicapped since birth that he raised on his own after his wife skipped out on them. She was wheelchair bound but Mark didn’t let that hinder them, she was an accomplished fisher woman, adaptive skier and hockey player. The moment you met Mark you could tell how much he loved and cared for his daughter. Last week, On their way to an annual fishing trip to celebrate Marks birthday, Marks car veered off the road and hit a tree killing Casey on impact while Mark passed later on at the hospital. No drugs or alcohol suspected, fatigue may have been a factor, the kind of which all sportsman (and F3 regulars) know of with early mornings and late nights. I only met him for one day but he was one of those people that really stick in your mind as a reminder to never feel sorry for yourself and take what life gives you with gusto and to give it all you have. I’ll always struggle with God and how he always seems to take the good ones while leaving the slobs to live long lives, will probably never understand it but it’s the first question I’ll ask when we meet. Either way, I didn’t sleep last night upon receiving the text they had passed, I kissed my wife and hugged my kids a little longer this morning, and recommend you do the same. You never know when  your name will be called.



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