Thanks to the plank we had a new face at the Gordy Lee this morning, Pasqually, who needed it for his seven day streak. Whoever has the plank now, let him know where he needs to post tomorrow to pick it up and put his name on it.


THE THING: 4 ran the 3.3 mile trail and one rucked it.



It looks like the two new planks have been approved, one for Qing seven straight days and one for posting at all 25 AOs. For the latter, it has been decided that past posts count, so figure out where you haven’t posted yet and get there. For me I need to the following for the cycle: 1. Band of Brothers 2. Green Mile 3. Knarr 4. Anchor B 5. Prometheus 6. Chicken Shack 7. Earned Respect. I am looking forward to them all.

Thanks to Madoff for taking us out with a prayer.  As always it was an honor to lead.


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