YHC arrived at Fort Benjamin Park early to get in a pre-workout run and to re-familiarize myself with the trail layout. The rain from the day before left the trail a little marshy but that shouldn’t be a problem. As the recon was wrapping up I saw White Boots starting out for a pre-workout ruck. Greetings and warning about the track conditions were yelled across the parking lot. The rest of the Pax trickled in as Boots was finishing his hike. Introduction, mission statement and disclaimer were given with dead nuts accuracy and we were off.

Sun Gods X 15 IC forward and reverse
Windmill X 15 IC
Cotton Pickers X 15 IC

Then we hit the trail for:

The Thang
The thang consisted of a mosey around the trail with 6 exercise stops.
First stop: Merkinless Burpees X 5 IC (I don’t know how I forgot that
Burpees included a Merkin)

Second Stop: Monkey Humpers X 15 IC
Box Cutter X 15 IC

The remaining stops were repeats of 1 and 2

Move to the picnic tables for4 rounds of:
Dips X 10 SC
Derkins X 10 SC
Box Step X 10 SC, first leading with right leg, then left

Mosey back to the track and repeat stops 1 and 2.

Mosey back to the picnic tables for another round of Dips, Derkins, and Box

Praise for Blart’s brother-in-law’s recovery after surgery
Prayers for Dan Carr’s upcoming surgery. YHC took us out in prayer.

It was good to get back to Fort Benjamin. This is a good location for a
workout. I was proud to lead this fine group of men.

Monkey Wrench

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