I had a good feeling as the PAX were rolling in early.  I took off to do some warm up and recon the area.  Rolled back in to a large crowd.  Found out Dash 8 was a birthday boy and that he was 59 today.  Holy crap brother RESPECT.  I realized how many RESPECT guys we have in the west and a lot of them kick my butt.  You guys are my heroes and I hope to do this for many years, thanks for your example.

It would be simple today to show new guys these workouts do not have to be difficult to be effective.  4 exercises with an emphasis on form.  I also wanted to be able to show that you do not need lots of miles to keep the heart rate up.  We have lots of newer guys that have Q’d very little or not at all.  Feel free to steal this workout or any other for your Qs.

Welcome, Disclaimer, Mission Statement. I also let everyone know that we would be focusing on proper form today.  Of course everyone thought I was the perfect person to do this as I do all of my exercises correctly without any modifications.  I appreciate your respect and confidence guys!

Warmarama then head to the other lot for the Thang

Thang 1: DORA: P1 to do exercise P2 to lunge to line and back. Exercises are cumulative. 100 Hand Release Merkins, 100 Freddie Mercuries, 100 Flutter Kicks, 100 squats

Thang 2: 4corners: Face the church in all directions to make sure you get back pedal, side shuffle, and run.  Same exercises in multiples of 10 and keep rotating until OMAHA.

Time came to mosey back to flag, called a couple of guys that had not Q’d yet to lead, then Hard Stop

This was a simple workout, but if you used good form and pushed yourself you should have gotten a full body push and kept your heart rate up the whole time.  You should have gotten about 100 of each of the exercises.

Announcements, Prayers

Moleskin: I really appreciate you guys letting me be apart of this and allowing me to lead this morning.  Yes I do find it easy at times to modify workouts and it can become a bad habit if you are not careful.  That is why I focus on that when Qing because everyone is watching you then and you cannot cheat.  I want to be better and I appreciate you guys pushing me towards that.

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