• When: 03/30/2018
  • Workout Style: Stampede
  • QIC: Crabby Englishman
  • PAX: Steamer,Hillary,Jang-a-lang, Misty, Ramses, Flip ova, Ramses, Bayliner, Gilligan, Beaver, Au Jus, My T Sharp, Duckbutter, Crabby Englishman, Shroom
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City, Stampede

It was a beautiful morning with warm temps as I rolled up to the AO of the parking lot across the street from the Channel Marker. As I walked up to the waiting pax I asked myself if I was still dreaming and went to wipe the sleepy stuff from my eyes as I thought I saw My T Sharp! Then Duckbutter! They presence was welcome but made me question if I was in the right AO for the Stampede? As time approached there was the usual German stretching techniques being demonstrated by Hillary under the close supervision of Flip ova, Steamer was busy making sure his shirt was tucked in perfectly while Jang was discussing taking a dump in some bushes while he was south of the border for the Palmetto. Shroom was calibrating his GPS claiming that factory accuracy is BS. Puddles and Gilligan were enjoying some second F before we got the first F out of the way. Ramses and Bayliner (aka Batman and Robin) were doing their status quo of mumble chatter baby arm circles, My T Sharp was carefully studying the bridge and was in conference with Duckbutter how to avoid the bridge while Duckbutter was wondering how to use his gather step technique to assist him this morning. Beaver in shock of all the commotion was looking for reassurance from Au Jus who could only offer the answer of, It’s just another Friday in Carterico! With the pax in high mumble chatter mode Mission Statement/ Disclaimer and other legal like things were shared with the pax  under the watchful eyes of the legal representation of Jang and My T Sharp. The route was shared with the pax and we were off.

We headed out on the bridge headed towards Morehead, at the base of the bridge we turned around and began the trek back over the bridge headed towards Atlantic Beach to the circle and back to the starting point of the public lot  across from the Channel Marker. Those who stopped here logged approx. 3.5 miles. The rest of the pax continued back over the bridge and back to the lot to achieve 5 miles of bragging rights.

With the pax reassembled Announcements were made: Hero Patriot with Misty, FOD

Prayer Concerns: David Hessmer

YHC took us out in prayer. Always an pleasure to lead, especially on a holiday weekend! Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!

Crabby Englishman signing off.

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