• When: 07/03/2018
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Bedsore
  • PAX: MeeMee, Buckeye , Suitcase (respect), Monkey wrench (respect)
  • AO: Queen Ann's Revenge

If you actually read this, please somehow indicate you did.  How many people read it will determine how much time I spend writing these in the future.

This morning our prayers were answered with a slightly less humidity than the oven we suffered at Tablesetter yesterday.  5 Men gathered in the dark looking to see who else would give Bedsore’s first real solo Q a shot. Knowing Deebo was attending elsewhere and being the only person who typically arrived like an F-18 performing a carrier landing, at the 1 minute warning the Q reviewed the mission and core values. Buckeye  gave fair warning to the PAX regarding his intestinal distress the previous day which resulted in a deadly vapor trail.  This was great motivation for the other four men to ensure Buckeye was the 6 during all moseys.  Trying to take advantage of the situation, the Q lead his small PAX on a mosey intermingling with the Anchor B PAX giving Buckeye an opportunity for a great crop dusting.  Unfortunately, Buckeye wasn’t sure if only vapors were going to emerge or a slip hazard and out of love for his fellow F3 men decided to keep everything on the inside. The QAR PAX split off from the Anchor B guys for a quick Warmarama consisting of Side Straddle Hops, Cotton Pickers, Leg Over Leg, Sun Gods, Annie’s and Mountain Climbers.

A quick mosey back to the flag where the Q had hidden a speaker for a little musical inspiration. A great college drinking song turned out to not be as much fun as an F3 song.  Breaking out  Tubthumping resulted in 26 burpees and  4 minutes and 39 seconds of side straddle hops.  The Q knew things were going well when the mumblechatter began, that or he just chose a bad song.

Taking the long way around, a mosey led us past the crossfit gym and a group of females emerged causing several of us to stumble and wonder why no convergence with them had been initiated. These ones didn’t look like men yet, so they must have been new.

Once we arrived at the basketball court, the Q educated the group that MJ is truly the only player worth consideration of GOAT status as he is the only one who was ever won defensive player of the year.  To honor that, the PAX did a Michael Jordan suicide, getting in a good defensive stands and sliding to each line on the court.  The Pax began the exercise looking like MJ but by the end looked more like LeBron standing up straight.

Continuing on the GOAT theme, the Q then lead the Pax in a Bruce Lee core workout.  20 American Hammer IC, 20 Leg Raises IC, 20 LBC, 20 Heel Touches, 20 Crunchy Frogs and 20 WWI’s.  Another MJ suicide followed by another round of Bruce Lee, this time with half as many reps.

While moseying to the wall, the picnic tables looked extremely inviting for a quick set of 20 dips. Monkey Wrench went all Al Gore and began picking up trash which was a great way to camouflage the need for a break. Finishing the mosey to the wall, the PAX lined up for balls to the wall.  With the effects of the passing the Crossfit girls, the Q noticed several of the Pax were unable to get as close to the wall as normal for Balls to the Wall, though everyone hung in for the 10 count.  Moving to a more comfortable position the Pax got into The People’s Chair and held it while individually each person performed 10 merks. Once everyone completed their merks, the Pax was able to recover and jump into a forearm plank.  Going down the line, each member performed 10 side straddle hops while the rest of the Pax held their plank.  Moving to the parking lot, the Pax did 50 single leg line jumps with each leg then 30 Al Gore squats.  A mosey to the picnic tables for another round of dips and a couple Urcans. Then to the flag where the speaker was pulled out once again for Bodies Hit the Floor.  A 3 minute, 22 second plank mixed with donkey kicks and merks led to the hard stop.  Total run of about 2 miles  Announcements, prayers, COT and everyone was on their way.

Thank you for letting me lead you today.

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