• When: 10/12/17
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Holiday Mansion, Sparkles, Purple Rain, Laettner, Griswold, Pigeon, McGregor, Pill Box
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC arrived early to set some cones out and to look around the AO to see what was available for future workouts. Holiday Mansion was the first to show but sat in his truck for a long time. i think he was sending Ricardo a message to give him one more chance to join us and avoid the wrath known as Rameses. Sparkles was the next to arrive. YHC thought he must be pretty awesome if a man who just had a baby would leave his wife for a workout. He did admit to getting some sleep. Slowly other headlights pierced the darkness and the PAX began to grow. I didn’t see how he got there but I sure hope McGregor didn’t drive. It was great to see some of the old timers and meet some new faces. We were chatting it up when YHC realized he hadn’t given the countdown, 1 minute warning. I was sure Monkey Wrench would be there for me or is he avoiding me? And no Snookie!!! YHC was reminded that he was preparing for the third F starting tonight. It would be too much to ask if he posted twice in one day. With 8 PAX members in the house we got rolling. Get it…Rolling Stone.


Mosey to the far side of the parking for SSH x 20, Sun Gods x10 Each Arm, Wind Mills x 20

Mosey down one side of the parking lot for Cotton Pickers x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Monkey Humpers x 20


Mosey to the band practice filed where YHC had cones set up 15 yards apart. The announcement was made that we will be doing a Ron Burgundy exercise, Forest to the Sea and Don’t Forget the Burpee. Before YHC could finish the first part Laettner was already reminding YHC not to forget the burpees. PAX was to bear crawl 15 yds, do 5 burpees and crab walk 15 yds to the other side. Rinse and repeat working your way down to 1 burpee. Griswold was quick to point out that he remembered doing these when YHC Q’d one of the Saturday’s when the West was still young.

Mosey to the front of the parking lot by the school and partner up for some catch me if you can. Partner A would run backwards around the first two lanes of the parking lot. Partner B would do 3 burpees and run forward to catch partner A. They would switch until they reached the end.

UP THE LADDER YHC had a series of cones set up in the parking lane. The PAX would run to the first cone and do 20 of the exercise, run back to the start and work up the ladder, 20 at the first cone and 20 at the second, run back to the beginning each time. It looked something like this:

Run to first cone, Alternating Shoulder Taps x 20 IC, Run back to start

Run to first cone AST x 20 IC, run to next cone Squats X 20 etc….

TOTALS – Alternating Shoulder Taps x 80 IC, Squats x 60 SC, Merkins x 40, Freddy Mercury x 20

Mosey to other side of the parking lot for a rinse and repeat with different exercises. Yes, YHC was smart enough to put exercises on the other side of the cone.

TOTALS – Lunges (Q modified after first round because they took too long) The PAX also figured out they could lunge forward and cover some ground while getting in their lunge) ……………………………………………… Lunges x 50 (Left and Right was one) , Plank Jacks IC x 60, Boss Tweed x 40 SC, Hand Release Merkins x 20 SC

Mosey to the flag for MARY

During the Mosey to the flag, Purple Rain was busting YHC’s chops about not doing a special pre-blast. Are we not deserving of such recognition? Purlpe asked. You can only do some things once or they become routine.

American Hammer x 25

X’s and O’s led by Holiday, making sure we do his new addition, the cross at the end

LBC”s X 20 Hard Stop

There will be workouts tomorrow. Griswold on the Hashmark, Frosted Flake on the Rucky Duck and others I’m sure. Check Slack

Prayer concerns for a family Laettner goes to church who had a suicide in the family, Dan Carr’s recovery, Needa?, Puerto Rican lady Purple Rain knows and Deborah Lockey, Youth Pastor 1st Baptist who lost her mom. Laettner as always took us out with an uplifting prayer for those families and for all the PAX members.

YHC was glad to get back to the West and hang with some of the original members. The down side to the West growing is we are becoming two different groups. We should all try and post at other places to get to know other PAX members. West and East convergence down the road? October 31st? that would be scary. It is always a pleasure to lead. It makes me better and I hope I have made others better.




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