• When: 11/19/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Madoff
  • PAX: Griswold, Purple Rain, Rerun, Cheech, Princess, McSketti, Sparkles, Couch Potato, Skidmark, FranknBeans, Linus, Navy, Dash 8, Barney Fife, Hacksaw, Burnout, Huckabee
  • AO: Back Blasts, Boonedocks

When a quality dude like Cheech asks you to Q, you don’t question it, you just say yes, even knowing you’ll encounter Griswold and Purple Rain in their natural habitat. So with a little trepidation and a little scouting of the AO, a loose Weinke was devised.
A balmy 44° greeted the pax in the gloom, and the thin-blooded Westerners were bundled up like tail gunners in a B-17. 3Fs, mission statement and disclaimer were spouted and we were off on a mosey up the road for


Seal Jacks. Continue on with Hi Knees, Butt kicks. Stop for Windmill, CPs.  Keep going with Carioca both ways, stop for Hillbillies. Mosey back toward AO, with stops for Squats, CH squats and HR merkins.
Back to the AO, pax counted off into 3 groups while shedding some of the aforementioned layers, for:


Mosey to playground. Original plan called for pull-ups from swing set, but cross bar is too tall so: Group 1: Partner Derkins, Group 2: Dips on picnic table, Group 3: BroPees. Rotate  your group’s exercise when Derkin group finishes. 2 Rounds. Walk out to septic field for plank crawl: 2 lines, last man does 3 merkins then bear crawl to front of line until everyone goes. Mosey back to parking lot for a Parking Space Tracer with burpee. SSH until six is in. Mosey over to far wall for 2 rounds of Chinook Peoples Chair.
As YHC’s bag of tricks had empties, and a bit of merlot had been splashed, pax moved back to shovel flag for:


LBC, Freddy Merc, WWI, American Hammer, and something Godawful from Navy (note to self, don’t call on him again). Various stretches were then called much to Purple Rain’s discontent into the Hard Stop


3rd F immediately after at Java Post (TClaps FranknBeans)

Sign up for Kraken and Christmas party

Prayer Requests

Several pax brought forth requests and these were mentioned in prayer as the NanTan took us out.


Gentlemen: If you find that your enthusiasm for F3 is waning, I strongly encourage you to post in Western Carterico. You’ll find intense intentional dudes who care for each other and go back for the six. The mumblechatter is real and you feel instantly feel welcome. Thanks for the invitation Cheech, let’s do it again!



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