• When: 07/13/2018; 07/27/2018; 08/03/2018; 08/17/2018; 08/24/2018; 08/31/2018
  • Workout Style: Run Workout
  • QIC: Rosie
  • PAX: 8/31: Jang a Lang, Suit Case, Me-Me, Shroom, Misty, Draper, Aju, Madoff, Deuce, Bunion, The Drive, Crabby English Man, Gertrude, Cradle, Rooney, Bayliner, Ramses, Steamer, Flip-ova, Lassie, Rosie 8/24: Hilary, Crabby Englishman, The Drive, Steamer, Rooney, Deuce, Belly Flop, Bungwa, Big-Mic, Bunion, Ronrico, Soup Bowl (FNG named that day), Paper Jam, Rosie 8/17: Bayliner, Nottyhead, The Drive, Ramses, Tommy Boy, Thor, Hilary, Chaney, Rooney, Deebo, Crabby Englishman, Bungwa, Misty, Aju, Madoff, Jang-a-Lang, Rosie 8/3: Flip-ova, Ramses, Bayliner, Chainlink, Crabby Englishman, The Drive, Rosie, X-box 7/27: Bed-sore, Crabby Englishman, Aju, Jang-a-lang, The Drive, Kevorkian, Bayliner, Ramses, X-box, Flip-ova, big-mic, Bungwa, The Second Mile, Gertrude, Deebo, Chainlink, Ronrico, Aflac, Me-Me, Rosie 7/13: Hilary, Deebo, Crabby, Misty, Ramses, Flip-ova, The Drive, Steamer, Pocahontas, Rooney, The Second Mile, Madoff, x-box, Bungwa, squid, Jang-goodall, Rosie
  • AO: Beaufort, BRR, Stampede

This back blast (multiple back-blasts) is all about giving credit where credit is due as there has been a great group of guys who have been very dedicated over the last three months and put in a lot of work to reach the goal of doing the best we can at the BRR this week.  The hard-work, dedication and improvement has been very impressive by the group.

This back-blast is representative of just a small amount of the work that has been done (other workouts at 5:30am and long runs on Wednesday that often started prior to 5am for some). When your legs start hurting and your chest is burning during the race, just remember all the hard work you have put in and give it that little extra push so that you can reach the goal we have all worked so hard for.  The pain is only temporary…

Credit to all the other guys who have also taken part in these workouts and helped us to get better.

8/31: 5 mile run (prepping for the big day! I thought we had a police escort for the final official pre-race run…)

8/24: 1 mile up; 8×200 meters w/200 meters recovery in between; 1.5 miles down

8/17: 5 minutes up; 10 minutes hard, 2 minutes recovery, 10 minutes hard, 2 minutes recovery, 10 minutes hard; 5 minutes down

8/3: 6xSplit 600’s

7/27: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with 2-minute recovery in-between

7/13: 12×400 sets of 4, 100 meters rest between intervals and 400 meters between sets

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