• When: 1/14/19
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Steamer, Newman, monkeywrench (respect), Ron Burgundy (respect), Blart (respect), kiwi, Griswold QIC
  • AO: Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr

It was definitely a Monday morning. Cold, drizzle rain, and the Q’s jeep would not start. After running back in the house to grab other sets of keys and shuffle cars, the Q messaged the infamous Ron Burgundy to let him know that he would be either late or rolling in hot. Exceeding all speeding limits, the Q squealed in with less than one minute to spare. Hard start at 5:30 with warm-up lap around the building. Back to the parking lot for warmarama consisting of high knees, windmill, Frankenstein‘s, chinooks, side shuffle, burpee’s, and inchworms. Another lap around the building led us to the shuffleboard courts. There is a railing on each end of the court with a high bar and a low bar. We did 20 Durkin‘s and 20 Urkins on each bar with a jailbreak sprint between each. We then mosey to the shelter for some picnic table up and overs X2, otherwise known to Ron Burgundy as a “weave”. After each weave, we performed an exercise, weave again, then ran around the tennis courts to the other shelter. We repeated this process back-and-forth with other quad burning exercises consisting of: box squats, up lunges each leg, wojo squats, star jumps, and more box squats. The cold wind was getting old at this point so we headed over to the wall. We performed 20 donkey kicks, 20 hand release Merkens, 15 plank wall walk ups, 15 hand release merkens, 10 wall mountain climbers, 10 hand release merkens. Ignoring the moaning and groaning, the Q called for a pallet cleanser lap. We ended up back at the same location for a little more shoulder burn out. A timer was set for one minute. The pax were to do 15 Merkens oyo, followed by alternating shoulder taps until the one minute mark. We immediately followed with 30 seconds of alternating toe taps on the low bar AMRAP. Rinse and repeat the cycle. With time running short, we moseyed over to the bleachers for a Lower bench. Apparently the pax needs to start wearing waterproof gloves, judging by all of the bitching and complaining. But, the non-sympathetic Q got our hands in the wet grass for a series of Merkens, Durkin’s on the lowest bench, and Derkins on the higher  bench (Thank you Navy).  After that… Another set of alternating toe taps on the bench for 30 seconds. It was time for another pallet cleanser around the building, then back to our concrete pad for Mary. Mary consisted of reverse snow angels, Low slow flutters, Heels to heaven, ab circles each direction (V pop), and finally squat jumps. As unusual, Mary produced plenty of gas release.   About 30 seconds remained, so there was a jail Break back to the flag for a hard stop.

Count-off and namearama happened.  There were Minimal announcements today, but many prayer requests for F3 brothers’ family issues and health concerns. We also lifted up the local family who lost a child this weekend, praying for comfort and understanding.

It is always great to Q at the knarr!  There are plenty of structures to work with, and you can stay out of the swamp if you try. It was great to see ol’ steamer at the knarr, realizing how close it is to his temporary location. Although, we did learn how sensitive his tailbone is and maybe he needs to start doing more Glute exercises for some padding.  It is also good to see Kiwi post more, outside of his traditional Thursday/Friday routine. 

Thank you Ricardo for the keys…anytime.  We missed you today. Hopefully your not hurting too bad from staying up late partying 😉  

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