I was stoked that I was asked to Q the first workout of our return to the Field of Dreams.  Yes I enjoy the Dingbatter but The Field of Dreams is where it all began in the west.  As I was preparing for my Q I had been thinking about everything that has happened over the last 2+ years in F3 and got really excited.  As I am doing my recon that morning my excitement grows as I see McMuffin pull into the parking lot.  The crowd shows and we have a HS.

We do some waramarama and start off with a Mosey around the park with some brief stops the stops included (Hand release Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Squats, and Air Presses).

We make a quick stop at the Pavilion for some dips, Step ups, and Irkins.  We mosey over to the football field for a Hand Release Merkin Suicide.  Man this was tough but the guys pushed through.

Mosey over to the Soccer Fields and do a DORA: 50 Hand Release, 100 Monkey Humpers, 200 Squats, 400 Air Presses

Mosey to the Tennis Courts for a round of People’s Chair.  Then it is time to head back to the Flags for some Mary.

Announcements, Prayers,

Moleskin:  The return to FOD had made me evaluate my life as returning to your past will do.  It made me realize that I had kind of been going through the motions lately.  I was participating in all my life’s responsibilities but my heart was not always in it and instead of seeing the Joy in doing them sometimes felt them as burdens.  FOD was a great cure for that, it was a smaller crowd, but that actually worked this weekend as it further helped me reflect about the past.  Back to when 7 people out for a workout was a lot.  I appreciate you guys so much and I want to celebrate your triumphs with you and pray for your trials.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this.

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