• When: 2/26/20
  • Workout Style: Strength/Bands
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • PAX: LInus, Griswold, Couchpotato, Navy, Oring, Princess, Cooter, Birdman, FranknBeans, Dash 8, Ponch, Skidmark, Matlock, McSketti, Purple Rain
  • AO: Back Blasts

Woke up on my Birthday to a downpour.  I was a little nervous as I have not Qd with bands that often and also wanted to come up with something that kept everyone moving but not a lot of miles.  I was stoked to see Ponch pulling up, our brother has been sick for a while.  He did not exercise but he was there and that made my birthday great.  Matlock also pulled up from Gvegas and was celebrating a birthday also.  Lets get this thing going.

We did a little warmarama and the PAX had lots to say today so we ended up doing about 20 burpees before things quieted down a little.

THANG 1: DORA: 100 Side arm lifts, 150 overhead press, 200 tricep extensions, 250 curls: P2 side shuffle and back with bands. This was all the proof I needed to see that we probably need to do these exercises more often.  Everyone including myself was crying for an OMAHA.  One did not come and while we all struggled to finish we made it.

THANG 2: 21s with Power squats and Goof balls IC.  This took up the rest of our time. Hard Start.

Announcements, Prayers:

I appreciated Ponch so much this morning.  The man is recovering from sickness and came out to support us while sitting in the rain.  He played an awesome collection of Purple Rains and even went to get us doughnuts and coffee.  That is quite a display of leadership brother and Carterico West has missed you during your cold and would not be the same without you.

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