8 strong and brave PAX showed up for the Prom Date regardless of the weather outlook, impressive and a bit intimidating for YHC knowing they came for a workout. I had to put my well thought out plan into action, not, since I usually go on the fly i stuck with that plan to not plan. Pushed myself and hopefully give the men what they came for. If nothing else, there appeared to be some good chatter so who am I to break that up. Off we went:

Thang 1: Bands on the fence, rowing hi, rowing lo, curls, presses, flys, extensions, pushes, pulls, lions and tigers and bears oh my, does anyone really read my back blast? 15 mins of resistance, then a mosey to the WALL

Thang 2: BTTW, ChAirPress, Squats, WW1’s, ATMS, mosey for round 2, rinse and repeat back to the bands.

Thang 3: Jail Break and lunges to the far away ATM for… ATMS, WW1’s, Squats, and Jail Break back to the flag for Hard Stop with KIWi and the Guantlet horses.

COT announcements, prayer request and some good 2nd F afterward, not a drop of rain yet I’m very wet. Thanks for the keys Ponch, my pleasure and honor to lead these fine men.


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